Tweet132 Pin81 Share2.1K +16When I talk about the concept of Female Power, I may as well be talking about NFL blitz packages, that’s how confusing it comes off to many women. No matter how tough you talk between relationships the REAL you is that person that shows up in an actual relationship.
There are women that go through a temporary confidence boost and applaud the Spartan concepts, but they don’t really embrace it beyond a surface level.
Remember The Little Mermaid, the beautiful misunderstood fish girl that saved the prince from drowning and made him fall in love.
You came for him, because you don’t have time to be waiting around all night, not because you were desperate. Fantasy: If a man wants to take you out for a good time, he will offer up his services when he is ready.
Reality: What the fuck is the point of calling you every day if he isn’t trying to take you out? Fantasy: These other women talk a good game, but you are one of the few women blessed with a magical vagina. Reality: Pulling a rabbit out of a hat is magic, pulling down your panties is a trick any bitch can do. Reality: It’s time to stop listening to your inner Angela Lansbury and stop reinforcing fantasy thoughts that tell you, everything will be okay if roll over, sacrifice, and submit for a man!
When I wrote this new book, I wanted to make it as simple as A-B-C in terms of how to use your Power. If you’ve said the words, “Girl, I’m broke until next paycheck” then you seriously need to invest in this book before you invest in hair, makeup, or a gym membership because knowledge trumps all that exterior bullshit. Boyfriend jeans are a style that we all love and adore deep down, but finding the right pair for your body shape can be a task on its own. My suggestion for you ladies out there who are on the petite side, or quite small, is going for a slim fitting, skinny or tapered leg boyfriend jean.
If you are blessed with being tall, you are lucky and can get away with wearing most boyfriend jeans shapes. If you are blessed with curves and fall under the pear, apple or hourglass shape, my theory is that you should opt for the slimmer fitting boyfriend jeans, just like the petite ladies. If you are more on the boyish side and have a very slim figure, you can get away with the baggy boyfriend jeans if you are tall, but if you are on the petite side, I still recommend the slimmer fitting jeans.
A lot of you tend to put your boyfriend jeans away when the cooler weather hits, but if you aren’t blessed with living in a climate like LA or Australia, don’t worry, you can still wear yours during the Winter months! My suggestions are: MiH The Tomboy, Citizens of Humanity Emerson, One Teaspoon Hendrix, MOTHER The Dropout and Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Skinny. Make sure your jeans fit a little tighter to begin with as they will stretch a lot with wear.
Hi Helena, yes, those ones are from Zara back in 2012, but there will be some similar options on the sites I mentioned. Enter your email address to subscribe to The Jeans Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This idea that you can get what you want in terms of love if you set your value and never back down, sounds good, but when you don’t understand what that means on a practical level, how can you utilize it? As they grow out of cartoons they are still fed fantasy by their friends, parents, and told at every turn what to do so they won’t end up lonely.
Therefore you can’t be too forward or that will either turn him off or make him think you’re a slut.
The days of John Wayne smoking a cigar while you trot your ass in the kitchen and make him a steak was a wonderful era for weak bitches because it gave them a designated place to be—in the kitchen.
Desperation would be accepting numbers from 5’s and 6’s because you don’t have the clit to grab that 9 or 10. You’re not looking for a text buddy, you’re looking for a grown ass man that will treat you like a grown ass woman. If you have to go up to the counter to order your food and then sit down, that’s not a date. No man can resist you after sex, so be careful to wait 90 days until he proves he is ready to handle all that goodness. Pussy power isn’t about giving up pussy, it’s about setting the value of your pussy so high that men will have to wonder why you think you deserve special treatment. You may have to go through ups and downs, but real men reward loyalty, and all women have to go through hell to make it to heaven. It won’t be okay, and your dating history has showed that no matter if you are compromising or defensive, you still get fucked over.
A lot of women that read Solving Single understood how to Spartan Up the moment they hit the last chapter, others were like, “Um, can you break it down more, because it’s not as easy as it seems when I go outside.” For this book, I BROKE IT DOWN step by step so that anyone can follow. I believe it was the Renaissance poet 2 Chainz that said, “If you have a pussy you should never have to pay your own rent” Every woman is sitting on an ATM, and the crazy thing is, you don’t even have to give up the goodies to make it generate for you.
Some pairs of boyfriend jeans can really overwhelm you and swamp your body, while others are not flattering on the butt, look too sloppy or not very nice. You are able to wear the baggy pairs without them overwhelming your frame and you can also opt for the slimmer fitting pairs too, even though they wont feel as much like a boyfriend jean. If you choose baggy boyfriend jeans, you are only going to add a lot of extra fabric to your look which can have a negative effect on your appearance, often making you look larger than you are. So for this type of body shape, I would personally just follow the rules under the tall and petite section. Spring and Summer is the season for that cut after all, so there will be plenty to choose from!
Categorize your body into the slim body type, athletic body type, curvy body types, and full-figured body type. I didn't know how else to tell you", she jokingly commented on Hanish's New Year's day post. One friend told me that she sent a link to a co-worker hoping she would get the hint and Spartan Up.
Play your position if you want a boyfriend… No play this position if you want a boyfriend… No play that position if you want a boyfriend. There is never a need to approach a man first because you are infringing on his manhood and insulting him. Now that you made the move, he still has to put in work, if he doesn’t like the thought of that—there’s a function on all phones called “delete.” A guy not approaching you first is not a reflection of his manhood or your ability to get chose. Your conversation should be so good that it makes him want to invade you and set up a permanent government! Men today take their time when courting, and he may need several days to clear his schedule for you, so be patient and continue to talk to him until he comes around with an invite. Within a week of meeting you he should find an activity that he thinks you will enjoy, and ask you on a date. And the thing about men, they are obsessed with finding out what’s so special about a girl!
No matter, what the good lord puts you through in terms of this man’s temperament, stand by his side, and remember this too shall pass!
It’s not about being “this level of nice” or “this level of hard” it’s not about gimmicks at all!

For those of you that don’t like the word “Ho” and feel uneasy at the thought of mindfucking a man, boo-hoo.
At the same time, this book is not just for those that want money or materialistic things, it’s about those that want confidence and the ability to tap into the kind of power will help you manifest your own destiny! The key to getting the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans that flatter and suit you is in choosing the right cut. That’s when it becomes the tale of the jeans wearing you and not you wearing the jeans.
Choosing something slim with a little slouch and a tapered or skinny leg is definitely a great option as it wont hide your silhouette or add any unwanted pounds.
Make sure the washes are lighter (think mid to light blue and even white) and that they have a really worn in feeling to them, perfect for wearing to festivals, hiking and picnics. You will be wearing a lot of layers, probably including a coat, hat, scarf etc, so the key to wearing boyfriend jeans in the Wintertime is making them as slim as possible.
You would also have to pay attention to your height; whether you are tall, medium or short. You think like a Spartan inside the house, but as soon as you step outside to put it to the test you let this world beat you back into bad habits. You too can find the man of your dreams, if you are willing to sacrifice everything to be with him, it’s not like your “voice” is important. Women listen to all of this relationship advice, but the advice that wins out is the one that says, “You have to roll over if you want a man to put up with your shit.” Why does Beauty have to put up with the Beast?
Which do you want to be, too good to speak first or too good to settle for bum dudes that approach you first. Men love to hear about how you are the best at school or work, and all of your grand plans to conquer the world.
The only thing a man hates more than dry pussy is dry texting, so show some personality, not just the ability to write “WYD”.
It doesn’t matter when you have sex, but it takes time to promote the legend of your vagina. There is no need to be paranoid or pressure him to move at your pace in terms of a serious relationship. I’ve listed some tips and tricks for you to remember when searching for the right pair.
As you are quite small, you want to wear a lot less material, but still have the slouchy fit you require from a boyfriend jean. There’s something about them being low slung on the hips with a tight t-shirt that gives that model off duty vibe that a lot of women love. This goes for the taller ladies too, if you are on the curve side, I do recommend finding a slimmer fit. Just follow the rules for your body shape listed above and of course, you can even opt for boyfriend shorts!
The more fabric you have on your lower half, the larger and more overwhelming it’s going to be for your frame, regardless if you are tall, petite, curvy or slim.
However, the moment this woman went out and used this newfound swag to get a boyfriend, she forgot everything. He hasn’t called in days, but when he does call asking to come through, you don’t even hold him accountable!
One of the main reasons why many women will never be able to Spartan Up is Fantasy Thinking. This ho lived under water and was still thirsty, you live in a city with countless single men, yet you still hold on to the same ain’t shit dude, different ocean, same fish. By going out of his way to talk to you, it proves that he is serious and that you are what he’s after, and not just settling for a woman who forced her number into his phone. Therefore, if you feel like the guy with the beard two seats down from you is cute, you should approach him. Make sure to repeat stories about how you don’t hang with too many females and that the ones you are cool with look up to you because you’re wise. Act your age and engage, that’s how you separate yourself from the other six women he’s texting at the same time.
It is in bad form to talk to a man all week, then not be available when he wants to see you. You are not like other women, your ex said you had better pussy than his current girlfriend, so that has to be the truth. By the time he finally has sex with you, it’ll be more than a nut, you will have infiltrated his mind.
Men do things on their own schedule and the fact that he talks to you daily and comes over to chill means that you are special.
If you want to know the definite steps to unlock the male mind and regain real power then you need to read Ho Tactics, available TODAY. This book isn’t going to corrupt you, but it will free you, and a woman free of mental shackles is the most dangerous weapon ever created. It also varies during the seasons too, so make sure you read my tips on how to wear them in Summer and Winter as well. So many denim brands release a slouchy denim short in the Summertime, perfect for the warmer weather and easy wearing vibe, so finding a pair of those is a great choice! You want to make sure your jeans are tapered and skinny, with just enough slouch to warrant a boyfriend fit. This woman went from Spartan to Submissive in less than a month because she never really got it. There is a little voice in their heads that sounds like a British Fairy God-Mother, and it’s telling them that everything will be fine.
If your happiness is tied to your quest to find a boyfriend, then you’ve already lost. This type of woman may not meet Prince Charming every time out, but he will eventually come. Get the stick out of your ass, and get what you want instead of accepting what’s handed to you because you fear the approach. It’s okay if you don’t ask him personal questions, men are private, so take this opportunity to talk about yourself in depth so he clearly understands that he hit the jackpot. If you’re progressive enough to put on your big girl panties and call, make the first conversations about him, not you.
You do not want to seem like you are a cock tease, so even if you have plans, cancel them so you can go on a date with him, this proves you are into him and moves you closer to being his woman. If he takes you to a dive bar and makes you stand around and yell conversation in his ear, that’s not a date. You don’t need a definite answer as to what you are officially, be grateful that you have found a man that wants to spend time with you even if it is in the house. Yes, it is the dark side of Spartan teaching, but it is still 100% woman power and has nothing to do with being submissive, weak, needing a man, or losing your independence. They will still show the silhouette of your legs, but they will have a slouch which is perfect for easy wearing. With the boyfriend shorts, I don’t really find they have rules, they suit almost anyone!

I am a Warrior Queen that sets the rules of my relationship *POOF* a nigga takes you on one date, tells you you’re special, and you revert into I just want to make Bae happy. In the end, you’re not a Warrior, you’re a little girl that got tough for a few months when things were hopeless, and you needed an esteem injection. You just need to meet the right man, and he will appreciate your character and shower you with the level of affection that will have made all the turmoil worth it.
Then she let this bum ass nigga win her over by perpetrating a fraud that he’s a baller who just pretends to be bumming it on the block. Since he pulled you, there will be no confusion as to if he is genuinely into you for you, this is how you know that it is real.
If you’re pretty he’ll think, “Wow, she’s on my dick, I bet I can fuck her by the end of the week.” If you’re ugly he’ll think, “Man, why didn’t her friend come over instead? If he doesn’t call you back after your 2-4 hour conversation where you spilled out every detail of your life, do not text him first the next day… unless you really start to miss him. Some men do not have much money, this is fine, and you can pay your own way or split things down the middle if this makes him feel comfortable. You don’t move at his pace, you move at yours because you’re the fucking Queen of this world and a man must see your time as valuable enough to make dating work around your schedule. Make him realize that this is Your Pussy that he’s dealing with, not her pussy, not his exes’ pussy, not his homegirl’s pussy, not his co-worker’s pussy, not Facebook pussy, not Twitter pussy, Your Pussy!
After the new pussy feeling wears off, you’re left back where you started, single and placing blame. There are dozens of women that would die to have a friend like yours, don’t complicate things by pushing him to be more, that is a sure fire way to cause friction. I would also try to avoid awkwardly cropped boyfriend jeans as they can really make you look shorter. You can also think about wearing them cropped with ankle boots, a sweater and a coat layered over the top.
Now that you’re back to consistent dick, conversation, and cuddle sessions the last thing you want to do is rock the boat, even if that boat is floating on a river of lies. This idiot Jasmine is a metaphor for every woman that has accepted a man’s lies, forgave him, and is happy to forget because men have the right to manipulate women if they have a good heart. It’s a bunch of weak bitch propaganda, and in the end weak minded women will continue to listen to that Fantasy voice, because unlike the voice of reality, it gives her hope that she will live happily ever after. If you want to find true love, dress in a way that will catch his eye, and he will come to you. I’ll take her number and fuck her if I’m bored.” That’s not the way a woman wants to come off to a man, that’s horrible!
If you really miss this man and can’t take the pain of not talking to this virtual stranger who you just met, then stalk his social media page. Always keep extra cash on you in case his card is declined or the meal is more than he has, this is the quality of a good selfless woman.
If he doesn’t call to reschedule because his feelings are hurt, then delete Prince Playtex from your phone, you have no time for sensitive men. Your ex or the past randoms you recycle in order not to raise your sleep number, all say you have good box, but why don’t they want you… Oh, they’re bums anyway, um, then what does that make you if 90% of the men that have slept with you are losers?
I use Ho as the example, not because they are a female standard to be emulated, but because they spit game that all women should be able to spit.
You are a weekend Spartan that only wants to stand up for herself after an argument or learn how to use her Power when things reach a boiling point.
This Disney Princess mentality tells you that the good girl gets the good guy 100% of the time, and it has morphed the reality of real dating and created a generation of airheads who are easy to talk out of pussy.
Fuck hope, you don’t need hope if you have the Confidence and Common Sense of a Warrior Queen. Once you establish that he is still alive and is being active on said social media site, then it is okay to text first to let him know that you saw his last Facebook update and it was funny.
You come off like damaged goods if all you can talk about is who doesn’t like you and why they are wrong.
If he isn’t asking you out, plan your own date, and tell, don’t ask, tell him where he’s taking you and on what day.
Play your position, and eventually he will get so comfortable that you end up getting everything you want in the end. The relationship crumbles just as quickly as it began because that nigga was never Bae, you were just basic. You should never hunt for a boyfriend, you should hold multiple interviews until one emerges from the pack. Yes, men will think you just want to fuck, and the truth is you do want to fuck, but only if the circumstances are right. If your fellow does not want to go through the hustle and bustle of dinner, a movie, or any outside event, be open to house dates. There is no need to stress, everything will work out if you have faith in what your relationship can become if you continue to be understanding and love him with all your heart.
Females can be Players too and do it much more efficiently, but as soon as they do that, they are called Hos, Double Standard Alert. In order to get this man to like you and not feel threatened, you have to get into the habit of not asking too many questions such as, what he does all day or where he works. This could be an opportunity to show him that you cook good, and divorced women always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If he wants you to come over to his crib and watch movies, tell him you have your own Netflix account. This book is about intelligence, not throwing pussy at men, and for that reason alone, it is something that every woman MUST Read. Exchange numbers, let him blow up your phone trying to get you to come over that week, don’t be offended, simply put him in his place by showing him what kind of woman you really are—one that needs to be taken out, not brought in. Assume that this man is doing good things and you are the only woman he talks to, this will keep your mind filled with happy thoughts. If he wants to bring you back to his place, don’t resist out of fear, show him that you don’t need a flashy date, just quality time on the edge of his bed watching Orange Is the New Black, while he rubs your thigh. You don’t beat around the bush, you don’t beg, you don’t suggest, you show him how a woman like you is courted.
He’s trying to smash, don’t you think you should know more about him than his favorite NBA team and his feelings on Drake? Think about it, Pocahontas, he wants to insert his dick inside you, there isn’t an act more intimate, so why are you afraid to ask him about his life? I’m not talking about who he talks to and if he wants something serious, those are dumb ass questions.
Where does he work, what does he do, what are his short-term goals, not his fantasy “I got this App idea” bullshit goal, but his six month plan.

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