Pinoy movies released or scheduled to be released in 2014.I created this page for folks out there who enjoy seeing the latest Tagalog films. I can't find a comprehensive list on the web about locally produced films in the Philippines so I decided to make one instead. The real meat in this motion picture lies in the events that occur during the two characters' attempts in trying to live a world of pretensions.
It tackles the scenario wherein two people are seemingly enjoying each other's company when the girl just quit and leave. The listings I've seen on Wikipedia may be more complete but they are distributed around several pages. There will come a time when they realize that the feelings they have are no longer pretense but the real thing.Rocco and Rocky are two young people who met because they are badly in need of something which is money.

This is because Wikipedia create pages on Pinoy films based on the production company that made them. Rocco, in order to avail of the inheritance promised to him by his grandmother, he has to be married first. The girl tries to reignite what they had in the past but the guy is already in the company of another woman. So to save yourself from navigating through lots of pages just to find the movie you want to learn more about, I suggest you bookmark this little digital space. You will find all the upcoming titles here in a single list.Now, I am not claiming this page to be very accurate and complete. Rocky is struggling in her own with regards to the rent for the home where she and her family lives.

She badly needs the amount being offered to her by Rocco as his fake wife.Bride For Rent stars Xian Lim, Kim Chiu, Pilita Corrales, Tirso Cruz III, Martin del Rosario, Matt Evans, and Empoy Marquez. With that said, I would appreciate it very much if you could remind me of such an omission or error if you notice one.

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