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I've looked up the Web for a place I could buy a USB interface cable that would channel the output from the keyboard into a PC. Since the last answer, I visited three CASIO outlets locally but none of them had the cable that connects the CASIO to the PC.
It also has two lines out, I am not sure what sizes they are out of the sizes you mentioned. At times, I do use one of the output lines to listen to whatever I am playing using my headphones. This question came from our site for engineers, producers, editors, and enthusiasts spanning the fields of video, and media creation. If you want to record MIDI data from your keyboard, or use a synthesizer on your computer, you should be able to just plug the keyboard in with the USB jack.
If you do not have any audio inputs on your computer, you will need to use a USB interface of some sort.
I was somewhat concerned with terminology for this, since the size of "phone jack" connectors is referred to in many different ways.
If you're not capturing MIDI (as detailed above with a standard A-B USB cable), you need to use the "LINE OUT" jacks. If your computer does NOT have a sound card, or you want higher quality audio, then the Alesis LineLink is your simplest option.

Another thing in India is that they don't stock all these kinds of cables because people are not as experimentative as they are in the US. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged audio-recording keyboard or ask your own question.
Truly one of the most engaging, surprising, well designed small museums for a very niche subject matter.
Quirky documentary about the Beachcombers on the Dutch Frisian islands… do you find the right or the left shoe washed up on your beach? Also, I live in India and the locals don't use the same vocabulary for the items you mentioned, perhaps. What cable you use for this will depend on what inputs you have available on your computer and how much you care about audio quality. This Wikipedia entry has some further information about nomenclature and usage for phone jacks of various kinds. USB cables have different connectors on each side to prevent plugging a host into a host or a peripheral into another peripheral.
This is the kind of plug you would use with a portable MP3 player, and is also most commonly found on computer sound cards. These will provide line level stereo (or mono, with only one the left plug in use) sound suitable for recording. As a result, there isn't a big market for the DIY type of things whether it pertains to electronics or carpentry.

By boat from Den Helder, an impressively restored handsome shipping centre in it’s own right, the main loading docks in the 18th century, gifted by Napoleon. My keyboard does have a USB interface but the USB port is a bit smaller in size than the usual USB ports.
Many simple interfaces present RCA input jacks for which you would need a cable like this to connect to your keyboard.
It's not the best option though, since the signal will be amplified to drive a pair of headphones.
This jack would be used to send audio TO the keyboard to pass through the speakers or headphones, for example, when you want to play along with a recording. The US is more organized and people are more aware and they know a lot more and try things out at home. So much, so densely crammed it was hard to capture; fantastic colourful scruffy plastic stuff collected over 70 years stuffed in a boat shed while the rusty brown ship wreck finds from the 18th century+ are crisply displayed with modern contrast in the fabulous newly designed museum above (designed by Dutch architects Mecanoo). You will need to run a separate program on your computer to synthesize these signals into the sound of your choosing. If you are confused about this, you should probably go with a different option that will directly record the audio produced by your keyboard.

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