Records for this cemetery are maintained by CHRIST OUR REDEEMER CHURCH at the address above. Posted: January 27, 2002 Updated July 6, 2014===========================================================================Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other===========================================================================Abadoe, John E. UnknAnerino, Antonino (aka Thomas Henry), 1878 - 1917, (FM)Angelozzi, Ann, no dates, same stone as Sara A., Paul V. 1, 1998, Beloved Son, (photo), (BB)BILDHEISER, Amalia, Sep 8, 1829-Mar 15, 1895, Mother, Sec. Boehmig, (Korea flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Boehmig, Lucy M., no dates, same stone as Howard C. 23, 1941, Died In Service, (photo), (BB)CALDERONE, Andrew, 1902-1932, Son [photo on stone], Sec.
Carlin, (World War II flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Carmassi, Evelyn M., no dates, same stone as Joseph S.
UnknCASILIO, Maria, 1897-1978, Mother, same stone as Albert, Guido, Angeline, Josephine & William [all family members have photos on the stone], Sec.
Caton, [Section - 19], MB Cervone, Dalda I., no dates, Married, 2-14-1975, same stone as Frank J.
UnknCONDON, Peter John, Jun 20, 1887-Aug 16, 1926, Father, same stone as Elizabeth M., Sec. UnknConley, George R., no dates, Father, "Always loved-never forgotten", same stone as Marilyn B. UnknConley, Marilyn B., no dates, Mother, "Always loved-never forgotten", same stone as George R.
Costa, [Section M], MB Costanzo, Ayden Bryce, died 8-12-2009, Mommy's Little Angel, [Section - Infants], MB CRENNER, Billy, May 19, 1945-Aug 17, 1948, "Our Angel", Sec.
24, 2008, PFC USA WWII, Silver Star, Purple Heart, 328th Infantry, (photo), (BB)CULLIGAN, ?????, 1913-1918, Sec.

UnknCurtin, Christian Corbin, died 3-28-1999, Our Baby, [Section - Infants], MB CUTENESE, Angela, 1920-1986, Mother, same stone as Joseph J., Sec.
Geary, [Section - 19], MB Geary, Paul E., no dates, Dad, "Together Forever", same stone as Barbara A. Gesler, [Section - 19], MB Gesler, Vivian M., no dates, "You are always in our hearts", same stone as Charles R. UnknHenry, Frank, (no dates), age 9, (unmarked, buried with Antonino Anerino), (FM)Henry, ?????, 1882-1957, Father, same stone as Lena, Frank & Rose, Sec. UnknHENRY, Rose Margaret, born June 18, 1921 died October 29, 2006, (FM)Henry, Sadie (aka Rosaria Iannarino), 1913-1997 , (same stone as John D. Innamorato, [Section M], MB Innamorato, Mary A., no dates, Mother, same stone as Richard D.
Kimbel, (World War II flag holder), [Section - 19], MB KIMBEL, Joseph P., 1884 - 1965 (same stone as Freda C.
Kimbel, [Section - 19], MB KIMBEL, Marie L., Oct 22, 1914 - Jan 31, 2005, Beloved wife and mother Sec.
MKIMBEL, Robert Charles, Oct 2, 1926 - Sept 10, 1979, SKG 2 US Navy World War II Korea Sec.
NKorkus-Ruiz, Maria, died 2-17-2006, (metal funeral home marker), [Section - Infants], MB KREBS, Frederick, 1817-1893, Sec.
UnknLOFINK, Clara, 1870-1909, Daughter, same stone as Joseph, Catherine, Edward, Frances & Estella, Sec.
UnknLOFINK, Frances, 1883-1972, Mother, same stone as Joseph, Catherine, Edward, Clara & Estella, Sec. UnknLOFINK, Joseph, 1846-1911, Father, same stone as Catherine, Edward, Frances, Clara & Estella, Sec.
Metzler, (World War II flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Mihelcic, Gabriel, died 2-17-2009, Our Little Angel, [Section - Infants], MB MILANO, Dorothy, no dates, Daughter, same stone as Josephine, Sec.

Miller, (World War II flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Miller, Eleanor M., no dates, Beloved Wife, "Love of my life", same stone as Donald S. McCUE, died 2-2-2011, (info from obituary, metal funeral home marker), [Section - 19], MB Mossgraber, Elizabeth, born 19 Nov 1825, the stone reads death as Dec.
UnknNAHALKA, Michael, 1875-19--, Husband, [unfinished death date], same stone as Mary J., Sec. O'Connell, [Section - 19], MB O'Connell, Mary Ellen, no dates, "If you would seek my remains, look to the hearts of those who knew me", same stone as Lawrence A. Opiela, (Korea flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Osborn, Charles Arthur, died 10-28-1998, [Section - Infants], MB O'SHALKIN, Catherine, no dates, Mother, same stone as Margaret QUINN, Sec.
UnknO'Shea, Ryan Patrick, died 7-17-2000, [Section - Infants], MB PAGE, Caroline, 1874-1915, Mother, Sec. 10, 1968, PENNSYLVANIA TEC4 333 ENGINEERS WWII, (photo), (BB)PECORARO, Family marker, (photo), (BB)PEDONE, Roselia [see MAGNIFICO], Sec. 3A, (CH)Pritchard, Baby, (no date given, metal funeral home marker), [Section - Infants], MB Punzak, Regis J. UnknRodenbaugh, Rachel Lee, died 3-15-2006, Precious, [Section - Infants], MB ROMAN, Charles, Jan. Rosensteel, (USMC medallion, World War II flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Rosensteel, Caroline F., no dates, same stone as Albert R.
Schaefers, (US Veteran flag holder), [Section - 19], MB Schaefers, Helen M., no dates, Married 5-26-1984, same stone as Francis W.

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