James Richard Bauer, vice president for planning, facilities and external affairs, joined Willamette University in 1995. Thomas Rainey, was a son of John Rainey of Chester SC thought to be a son of John and Rachel Rainey (Reany) will Book F, Mecklenburg NC (see Emily S. Thomas Rainey is listed as a private in Bratton's regiment of the SC militia in "The Day it Rained Militia: Huck's Defeat and the Revolution in the South Carolina Backcountry, May-July 1780" by Michael C.
Ballywindell Upper (Townland), Upper Dunluce (Barony), Ballymoney (Civil Parish), Antrim (County), Ulster (Province) with parts also in Londonderry (County) in the NE Coleraine Liberties (Barony). John Rainey (1737 Orange or Edgecomb NC- da 1790 Chester SC) married Mary Mitchell (1741 Orange NC- ) daughter of Robert Mitchell and Catherine Bates? South Carolina Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977," images, FamilySearch (here Chester SC Probate records, 1787-1799, Vol. Samuel Rainey [NOTE this Samuel ALSO appears as the son of John Rainey who died in 1765 in Mecklenburg NC in Robert Rainey Morris presentation]. Samuel Rainey is listed a private in Bratton's regiment of SC militia in "The Day it Rained Militia: Huck's Defeat and the Revolution in the South Carolina Backcountry, May-July 1780" by Michael C. Three of John Rainey's sons above (Samuel, Thomas and Benjamin) are shown in Michael Scoggins book on Huck's Defeat above. The heirs of John Brown and Sarah Ussery filed a petition in SC in 1844 to have Thomas Rainey deliver slaves once owned by Sarah Ussery Brown (who was married first to John Brown and then to Thomas Rainey).
The trustee and twenty-three heirs of the late Sarah Brown Rainey, who are all residents of Alabama and Mississippi, seek to collect their inheritance of slaves.
Thomas Rainey's children moved to DeKalb County Georgia mostly in a ten year interval from 1824 to 1835. The map below is in "Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies" published by the Secretaries of War and compiled by Capt. During the battles around Atlanta during Sherman's occupation, Union General Grenville Dodge commander of the 16th Army Corps occupied the "widow Rainey's house" during the sweep around Atlanta. Sherman's Union Army was divided into three smaller armies: the Army of the Cumberland (Gen.
These three corps swept clockwise around north Atlanta from Kennesaw Mountain, with General Grenville Dodge's corps using "widow Rainey's house" as headquarters on July 16, 1864 before moving on to Browning's Courthouse ("Browning" on the map) the next day.
The census data for the Rainey families in Chester SC and Dekalb county Georgia appear below. Census Note 1 (1800): There appears 1 male child and 3 females not accounted for in my details below in 1800.
Beginning on a chestnut tree on Thomas Rainey's line from thence running to a red oak corner on Henry Martin's land from thence to a stake corner on William Terry's land from thence to a post oak corner on Allen DeGraffenreid's land, thence along said DeGraffenreid's line to a hickory corner on Elams land thence along said Elam's line to a stake corner, thence on a strait line to the fork on a branch above William Price's Mill thence up the East Fork of said branch to William Price's line thence along the line to a Spanish oak corner on Moore's land from thence along the original line to a post oak corner on Thomas Rainey's land, from thence along said Rainey's line to the beginning corner.
Gan (John) Thompson sold to William Youngue for $300, 86 acres in Chester District on the head branches branches of the South Fork of Little River, adjoining Phillip Youngue, Thomas Rainey, John Stockdale and the widow Atkins lands. The 1846 map clearly shows Shallowford Road from Decatur in DeKalb due north to the low water Chattahochee crossing (near Lebanon near Roswell in Cobb county -- Lebanon as a town which disappears after 1855). The 1855 maps clearly shows the indian trail that defines the eastern boundary of DeKalb county with Gwinnett county.
Samuel Rainey b 1803 in Chester SC m Martha Ann Kell (b 1812 Chester SC) son of Mathew Rainey b 1784 Chester SC-1842 Marion IL) and Ann Gaston b 1784 Chester SC (see this) Matthew was the son of Robert Rainey and Jeannette Kell of of Chester SC. Both the Rainey children above appear EXCLUDED as children of Thomas owing to the Robert Rainey documentation in KY. Cornelia is EXCLUDED as she is born after 1820 and Thomas Rainey shows NO young females on the 1820 and later censuses. These two Rainey children are both married to children of William Stringfellow (1780 SC - 1849 SC).
Julia is EXCLUDED as she was born after 1820 and couldn't be a daughter of Thomas Rainey based on census data.
Mary Rainey (1787 Chester SC- ) m 1803 John Coleman (1780 Fairfield SC-1862 Winnsboro Fairfield SC) son of William Coleman (1733 dc 1830 Fairfield SC) and Nancy Butler grandson of Francis Coleman (1690-)(see this). Sarah (Sallie) Rainey (1800 Chester SC-1877) m 1821 Wylie Coleman (1795 Fairfield SC-1860). The 1810 Chester SC census lists eight children -- four sons (two born between 1800 and 1810 and two born before 1800 and four daughters. Married Sarah Goza (1793 - 1876 buried Bartow County GA) in either 1817 or 1821 daughter of John and Mary Goza. According to Emily S Farr, John G Rainey was a private in the company of Captain John Reedy in the 1st Regiment of South Carolina Militia commanded by Col. Louis J Rassmussen, San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists Volume 1 (1850-1864), Baltimore MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1978, pg.
In 1860, Sarah Goza Rainey (widowed wife of John G Rainey, age 65) is in Cross Keys, Dekalb GA census in home of G.A. Roll of Prisoners paroled at Fort McHenry, Maryland and sent to Fort Delaware, Del, July 9 1863. Roll of Prisoners of War paroled at Point Lookout, Maryland transferred to City Point Virginia Mar 16 1864 for exchange.
Roll of Prisoners of War at Nashville Tenn captured by Maj Gen Thomas commanding forwarded to Capt. Thos B Rainey Sergt Co E 41 Reg Ga Inf - Roll of Prisoners of War who arrived at Military Prison Louisville Kentucky during the five days ending Jan 5 1865. There is another Thomas Rainey who was the son of John G.'s brother Bennett (See the discussion below). Florida Jane Rainey (1862 - died after 1883) m John Thomas Carter (bc 1848- ) son of William M. March 2, 1916Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions, State of Georgia, AtlantaNo record has been found in this office of service, capture or parole of a man named W.W. Wm W Rainey 4th Sergeant Capt Winningham's Company Age 30 years appears on the Company Muster Roll Camp Ector May 7 1862.

Well, it isn’t too late to wish the happy couple a prosperous life, even if they have been married over a year, and none of their friends knew it. Muster Roll 7th State Guards, Capt Johnson's Company (Acworth Grays), Lester's Regiment, GA.
Prisoner of War at Hart's Island NY captured Petersburg Apr 3 1865 Received at Post April 7 1865 from City Point by Capt. Married Julia Wright (1842-1916 Liberty Hill Cemetery, Cobb County GA) daughter of Spencer P Wright (1805-1863) Spencer P. Gavral Zoita was awarded Bauer Technologies Ltd annual Pride in Plant Award for 2010 whereby a member of staff is rewarded for taking pride in the piece of plant or equipment they use and maintain during a project. The Award forms part of BAUER Technologies Ltd continuous improvement programme to reward their employees for going 'the extra mile'.
Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was pleased to meet James Carpenter, Construction Manager from Kier Build to present him with a case of champagne. James Carpenter, Construction Manager for Kier Build; Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies.
Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd met with Geoff Harlick, Commercial Director for Bovis Lend Lease (Leyland, Lancashire office), to present him with a case of champagne. Michael Jones, Managing Director, BAUER Technologies Ltd; Geoff Harlick, Commercial Director, Bovis Lend Lease. Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was delighted to meet with John Ward, Business Development Manager for Interserve (Uxbridge office), to present him with a case of champagne. Michael Jones, Managing Director of BAUER Technologies Ltd; John Ward, Business Development Manager for Interserve Project Services Ltd. Michael Jones MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd was delighted to travel to one of Costain's site offices in Middlesex recently to meet with Barney Pieterse, Civil Estimator for Costain Limited, to present him with a case of champagne.
Barney was the lucky winner of BAUER's prize draw which was run at the Civils event in London during November 2009. Michael Jones, Managing Director of BAUER Technologies Ltd; Barney Pieterse, Civil Estimator for Costain Limited. Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was delighted to meet with Rod Young, Contracts Manager for Barhale Construction plc, to present him with a case of champagne. BAUER Technologies Ltd instigated a scheme whereby a member of staff is rewarded for taking pride in the piece of plant or equipment they use and maintain during a project.
Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was delighted to travel to Mace Group's offices in London recently to present Simon Healey, Operations Director, with a fabulous case of champagne. Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was delighted to travel to Jacobs offices in Leatherhead recently to present Martin Knights, President of The International Tunnelling Association and Director of Operations for Jacobs UK, with a fabulous case of champagne as the winner of BAUER's 'Foundation Survey Report' prize draw which was run at the London Rail Event in June. Michael Jones, Managing Director of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was delighted to travel to Volker Highways offices in Hoddesdon recently to present Rebecca Sims, Proposals Manager for VolkerHighways Division, with a fabulous case of champagne and flowers as the winner of BAUER's 'Foundation Survey Report' prize draw. Michael Jones, MD of BAUER Technologies Ltd, was delighted to travel to Sellafield Ltd in Warrington recently to present Adrian Shallcross, Senior Structual Engineer, with a fabulous case of champagne.
BAUER will be at the Crossrail Conference being held in Central London on the 31st March 2009. Attend NCE Crossrail Conference to hear the latest on project strategy, timelines and contract opportunities. He came to Willamette from the University of Idaho where his administrative work spanned 15 years. Additional specifics, dates and relationships are purely speculative and are based on the stated sources where available.
Further, Jane is identified as the daughter of James (died 1783 Camden SC) and Rosanna Tipping. This and this say Alexander Lewis was the son of William Lewis (1746 NJ-1830 Fishing Creek SC) and Margaret Linn.
The document summarized below is the 1839 memorial celebration of the battle: Proceedings of a Celebration of Huck's Defeat, at Brattonsville, York District SC July 12 1839. Humphries and had at least ten children (this number is based on my interpretation of census data below) and then married Sarah Ussery Brown ( - before 1844) in Chester County South Carolina. In 1804, Sarah's father, John Upery, willed to her slaves named Frank and Jinny and Jinny's increase. She is mentioned by her nephew Bennett Rainey Jeffares (Elizabeth Rainey's son) in his Civil War letters as "Aunt Rebecca". George Thomas); the Army of the Tennessee (Gen James McPherson) and the Army of the Ohio (Gen.
His son John G is likely in DeKalb Georgia with 3 sons, three daughters and a wife in the same 30-40 age category. The "Cross Keys" tavern is about halfway from Decatur to the river and is shown on Sherman's map above. William (16-25 on tthe 1810 census) nmay be out of Thomas' hone) The census data above shows that I have at least one of Thomas Rainey's children missing from this analysis -- using the counts from the 1810 Chester SC census + plus William. He was in the War of 1812 as a private in the company of John Reedy, 1st South Carolina Militia, infantry commanded by Lt. Farr: "In December 1850 John and his son William sailed from Panama to California on the steamer Antelope in search of gold. Is this the son of William W Rainey, son of Sarah Goza Rainey who appears later on the 1870 census with father William W Rainey in Dekalb age 16 in 1870. Rainey Sergt Co C 41 Regt GA appears on a Register of Payments List for service Jan 1 1863 to Feb 28 1863. He states he was born in 1833 (see John G Rainey census above) and enlisted in Feb 1862 at Stone Mountain GA (DeKalb County). Rainey was with a party seining in the river at Island Ford, not far from Ford, and lost his balance and went under and could not be rescued.
Kennedy is listed in the Euharlee Presbyterian Church Cemetery January 3 1883-June 14 1913.

This is not limited to large pieces of equipment such as a BG28, but includes all plant, equipment and tools. Geoff was the lucky winner of BAUER's eighth prize draw, which was run at the London Waste Event in July 2010. Rod was the lucky winner of BAUER's seventh prize draw, which was run at the London Tunnelling event during October 2009.
The Survey was run in conjunction with Emap Construction Conferences earlier in the year and was mailed out to all readers of its New Civil Engineering and Ground Engineering publications.
Bauer’s work at Willamette covers a wide range of responsibilities that support the development and operation of the University. The marching columns of the Army of the Tennessee having diverged 5.5 miles northwest, rejoined here when Dodge's 16th Army Corps moved east from Old Cross Keys to Rainey's.
However, NO sources or documentation were generally provided on these web sites -- except where noted. There is a Rainey Street that is the central east-west road in "Magherfelt" and the "Rainey Endowed School" established by the will of Hugh Rainey in 1707.
Sarah and her husband, John Brown, then removed with the slaves to South Carolina, where in 1816, Brown placed the slaves under a deed of trust.
Charles died in 1857 leaving the widow Rebecca Goza Rainey in charge of a large plantation.
There is a young Thomas (20-30) in DeKalb who I cannot specifically place -- perhaps the Thomas who died in 1850 and is buried in Dekalb (see the Nancy Creek Cemetery discussion above). There is a family story that Henry Jeffares married his cousin Elitia Coleman in Fairfield County SC (See my Jeffares site).
While William, John G; Elizabeth, Charles, Bennett, Thomas and Sarah (Sallie) are documented elsewhere, there are at least 2 missing female children. Raney Pvt Company A 38 Regt GA appears on a list of killed, wounded and missing of Early's Division during the campaign in Pennsylvania and Maryland, June and July 1863. He started as a Captain, was a Colonel by 1780 but was not made General until the war was ended.
The trust stated that he and his wife had use of the property during their lifetimes, but after their deaths, the slaves would revert to their children. Brothers, Charles, Thomas and Bennett and sister Elizabeth moved to DeKalb in the early 1830's. Brother Bennett and sister Elizabeth (wife of teacher Henry Jeffares at Cross Keys) were nearby.
The map is called the "Fourth Epoch of the Atlanta Campaign" and was one of four maps compiled by Edward Ruger which covers Sherman's marches from Chattanooga to Atlanta. General James McPherson's Army of the Tennessee was charged with sweeping around Atlanta and cutting the Georgia railroad between Stone Mountain and Decatur (the Sandtown-Stone Mountain Indian trail).
If this Sarah Sallie Rainey is a daughter of Thomas Rainey and Elizabeth Rainey who married Henry Harvey Jeffares is also a daughter of Thomas Rainey, then Henry Harvey's son Henry Jeffares and Elitia Coleman are first cousins (see Robert Coleman's will here). Rainey and according to the 1810 census, the likely third one is the Thomas Rainey as discussed below; and two sons of Thomas (Charles and Bennett) are born after 1800.
Report of deceased Confederate soldiers held as prisoners of war in the 4th Division Hospital 17 A.C. He holds a MBA with highest honors from Willamette University, and a master’s degree in counseling and human services and a Bachelor of Science in interpersonal communication from the University of Idaho. Logan's 15th Army Corps moved southeast from here to Browning's Courthouse (TUCKER) to support Gen Garrard's cavalry in a foray on the Georgia Railroad at Stone Mountain.
The Rainey Plantation was established in the "Cross Keys" district of DeKalb County along Shallowford road. The plantation lies near the site of the current DeKalb Peachtree airport at the interesection of Tucker Chamblee Road and Shallowford Road where the marker is placed.
It is amazing in its detail in that it identifies individual homes as well as geographic and military features. Sarah Rainey's birthplace is specifically listed as "Chester SC" and her age as 50 in the 1850 Fairfield SC census with husband Wylie Coleman. Benjamin's wife, Rachel Rainey and Thomas Rainey are children of John Rainey (wife, Rachel) who left a will in Mecklenburg Co., NC dated 8 Sept.
But Sarah (Brown) Ussery is having children with John Brown from the 1790s into the 1800s in Virginia and the same time Thomas Rainey's children are being born in Chester SC (see this Cindy Casey data) and my presentation of Cindi Casey's data below. The petitioners pray that Thomas Rainey be ordered to give the slaves to them so that a proper division of the estate can be made. This road was the original trail from: the Decatur courthouse which lies on the Sandtown-Stone Mountain trail (the "Georgia Railroad" on the map) north to the "shallow ford" on the Chattahoochee River. The image spans two pages in the original book thus creating the difference in color and misalignment. H 2nd Georgia Cavalry CSA enlisted April 15, 1862 and on the company muster roll for Nov Dec 1863 the last on file, he was reported absent without leave from what period not stated. Rainey, died at her home Wednesday, August 25th, after an illness of several months, and was buried in the Kingston cemetery on the following day. Further, the name Charles and Bennett which enters most of the Rainey children families is apparently from the Humphries family -- Charles Humphries and wife Mary Bennett (see this below).
This says he is George Anderson Braswell, son of Asa Braswell (b1801) who migrated to Dekalb in 1844. Further, there is a Alma R Kennedy Aug 22 1887 - May 18 1973 buried in the Euharlee Baptist Church Cemetery. Thomas Couche, who built the old hotel of that name here, and later to Captain Rainey who survives her.

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