Were you as infatuated with them as everyone else that’s read them and been absorbed into that world? How hard is it when you’re doing heavily choreographed action scenes like the Hotel Dumort sequence where it’s you, the director, the DP, and several other actors?  Is it a challenge to perform safely and not hurt those around you?
What was it like working opposite Lily Collins?  What did you initially bond over on set and how do you guys stay so close now? Can you tell when you’re doing the show or the production if you’re going to stay in touch with these people, or is it just a job and you’re going to go home and never think about it again?

You have some tattoos and in this movie your character has tattoos.  Can you talk about the story behind the tattoos?
You had to have your character’s tattoos painted on every day three hours prior to shooting.  Did you get any real tattoos based on those?  Are you going to get a rune? Are you into supernatural kinds of stories or horror science fiction?  Did you read them as a kid?
You said you bonded with everyone on this set.  Did you keep in touch with people from Twilight?

You mentioned you’ll be filming The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes and Overdrive, is there anything else that you’re working on?

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