In a poll of over 300 Japanese women, half of them felt that they couldn’t compete with fake females. Actually we’re not really sure what the last one means.  Does the manual tell you how to win the game? This week we're gonna take a look at some openings from anime that have been adapted from dating sims. A super cute opening that makes you want to fall in love with the saccharine visuals and song. This adaptation takes a note from the next anime featured in this selection by featuring the multiple routes in arcs with the heroines but have a common starting point with the first four episodes being a prologue to the different arcs. My favorite anime adaptation of a dating sim, this anime just devotes small arcs to each heroine. If you have some randomness to share that you can't post elsewhere, this is the place to do it.

Yuri Iwamoto wrote:just a quick update, I found a program where you can make music for free, who wants to do the music once the game is done?I also need a list of people who are willing to betaDepending on how long it takes, I can probably beta.
3DS FC:2809 8617 8608Spoiler: Ever felt the need to click something just to satisfy your own curiousity of what is inside? Yuri Iwamoto wrote:just a quick update, I found a program where you can make music for free, who wants to do the music once the game is done?I could try.
Hmm a few years back I created few good soundtracks but my computer died one night so I forgot about that project.. Unlike other video game genres adapted into anime, dating sims tend to offer a more structured story than most but things get complicated when the dating sim has multiple heroines or branching paths. This adaptation tries to get around the multiple heroine routes by adding two male protagonists and even a rival. This style gives each heroine proper screen time and character development, it even adds to the other arcs in small ways.

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I have some friends who are really good at graphic design if you want some help with those things.
Some choose to try and cram all the story paths into one, some try to chop up elements from each path; or some just make up their own thing. Photo Kano, the anime right above this one in this selection, borrowed this adaptation's style and this style really does justice to the source material.

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