After extensive renovation, the lyrical nine-acre stroll garden is revitalized and refreshed, from the koi ponds and moon bridge, to the iconic Japanese house. Landscape architect Takeo Uesugi and his son Keiji Uesugi oversaw the design plans for the Japanese Garden project, which includes a new waterfall. The teahouse emerges as an important element in a picturesque vignette: Situated on a ridge, the building offers an exceptional vantage point to take in canyon views, along with the historic vista below. A lasting memory of mine, and I expect of many visitors to the garden over the years, the magnificent Faux Bois (false wood) ornamental trellises have been renovated, and the Japanese Garden’s pathways improved to increase accessibility.
Year-round, The Huntington is an outstanding horticultural haven set apart by the brilliant landscape design of the many gardens. As always, I am open to suggestions and comments on or about my articles, and I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read them! Japanese GardenThe art of Japanese gardens have been believed to be one of the most important parts of Japanese culture for many centuries. Dry Landscape Style Gardens are very simple and modern-looking, usually placed in a very small area.
Tea Style Garden has a very intimate atmosphere and are meant to provide a relaxation from a person's busy lifestyle.
Stroll Style Gardens that are meant for viewing from the path and that is why they never reveal the whole garden's beauty from one spot.

Courtyard Style Garden follows the rule of having an outside sensation while still being inside. And a new feature will be unveiled: an authentic Japanese ceremonial teahouse set within the traditional landscape of a tea garden. If you have not yet toured The Garden of Flowing Fragrance, the Chinese Garden is a truly unique landscape for California and the West Coast: A must-see!
The garden design in Japan is strongly connected to the philospohy and religion of the country. The first Japanese gardens, that expressed Shinto, Buddhism and Taoism visions can be traced back to the Asuka Period.
Aristocratic style of gardens where created in front of the mansion with artificial ponds and islands. Many gardens designed in that time  were properties of succesive shoguns and daymios, who belong to the highest class in Japanese society. They reproduce natural landscapes in a more abstract way by using stones, gravel and sand onto mountains, islands and rivers.
They must be big enough to enable visitors to walk along the path and spacious at the same time to allow the path to take turns.
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Shinto, Buddhism and Taoism were used in the creation of diffrent garden styles in order to bring a spiritual sense to the gardens and make them places where people could spend their time in a peaceful way and meditate. Famous gardens created after Meiji Period were frequented by business people and politicians. They vary in size, usually cover many acres, but with careful techniques, it can be created in a small backyard. They contain a tea house where the ceremony is held and a stone basin where guests can purify themselves before participating in it. All elements, as lanterns, bridges, basines have ornamental rather than a functional meaning. Heian Period is also know as the time when the first book about garden-making technique was written.
The teahouse structure first traveled to Japan for restoration by Yoshiaki Nakamura, the architect son of the structure’s original craftsman.

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