Here’s a review of Japan Cupid, from a long standing member of the site with a Platinum membership plan.
As well as my membership of the site, I’ve also dated a number of Japanese ladies of the sort you might meet on Japan Cupid, so this is a 100% honest review of the services the Japanese dating site offers. Japan Cupid offers both men and women a free standard membership plan, so you can sign in and have a look. The only thing you can’t do with a standard membership plan is contact other free members.
The matchmaking facilities in Japan Cupid are great, and it’s possible to search by geographical location (down to city level), age, religion, height and weight and a few other factors. By the way, it’s best to stay away from the younger ladies, particularly those below the age of 26. As far as the Japan Cupid price goes, the membership plan subscription fees are very reasonably priced.
One pitfall of using Japan Cupid is that the site is only useful if you want to find an Asian bride from China.
It’s famously hard to find a partner in Japan, and increasing numbers of Japanese men are choosing to find mail order brides themselves from Russia or China. I don’t live in Japan (unlike other Asian women, Japanese women usually prefer to live in their own country after marriage). I get the impression that Japanese ladies aren’t quite so proud of having a Western husband, and that finding a foreign man is very much a last resort. The important thing with online dating is not to get too discouraged, so below are some alternatives to Japan Cupid and Japanese online dating. Japanese ladies tend to be quite shy and only a small percentage of them would consider online dating. Personally I got fed up with the slow progress I was making with finding a suitable Japanese wife. So if you’re thinking of finding a Japanese wife or girlfriend then Japan Cupid is worth a look. If you have any comments or suggestions about Japanese dating sites, then leave your feedback below.

Dating in the Dark Season contains the following episodes: Episode 101, Episode 102, Episode 103, Episode 104, Episode 105, Episode. This is an Australian based company with a big network of internationally themed dating sites, including several in the Asian dating niche. On the standard membership you can view member profiles and get a good feel as to whether you think you could find love on the site. There are sexy women, beautiful women, intelligent women, tall women, short women, cute women and many other types of woman!
Japanese people are known for their honesty, so it would be quite unusual to be scammed by a Japanese person. I know and I’ve talked to a number of Asian ladies who have profile on Cupid Media sites. Japanese women don’t have things easy either, which may partially explain why the birthrate has plummeted. Compare this to Thailand, the Philippines or, increasingly, China, where a Western husband is a huge status symbol. To men accustomed to being swamped with interest on Chinese, Thai or Filipina dating sites, this is quite a turnaround. Two marriage agencies that specialize in finding Western husbands for Japanese ladies are Meet Japan Lady and Transpacific Marriage Agency.
Sign up for free membership and see if you can find some ladies you’d love to meet in Japan.
Read the latest Dating in the Dark episode guides recaps, fan reviews, news, and much more. What it means is that, basically, men end up paying for membership while Japanese ladies can make do with a free membership plan, especially if they’re young and beautiful!
Japan is an expensive place to travel around, so if you want to find some Japanese ladies to visit on a trip to Japan then you want to find a selection of ladies within economical traveling distance of a particular city or prefecture. With Japanese dating it’s usually better to keep the age difference to less than 5 years, maybe a little more if the lady is over 35. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that many dating site scammers are African or Middle Eastern.

The good thing about the membership plans is that you can contact an unlimited number of ladies for the fee. Online dating is all about impressing the opposite sex, so if you can spare the extra cash, go for a Platinum membership!
And if you want to stick to the user friendly Cupid Media sites then that means paying for membership of Korean Cupid or Hong Kong Cupid as well as Japan Cupid. On the downside there probably aren’t as many female members as there are on the the average Chinese, Thai or Filipina Asian dating site.
If you want a mail order bride who’s 20 years your junior then head to Thailand or the Philippines. This makes the site much more economical than the pay per letter sites that are fairly common in the mail order brides industry. Now do you seriously think that a Japanese lady is going to be impressed with a man who can’t even afford a few dollars for a month’s dating site subscription? If you find somebody you’re interested in, you can send them interest or write them an email. Needless to say, stay well away from Japanese ladies claiming to be aid workers or working for Japanese companies in a developing country. Yes there are more ladies with Gold and Platinum membership on Japan Cupid than there are on the other Cupid Media sites, but first impressions count, and not paying for full membership doesn’t give a good impression.
Modern Chinese cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai are full of single professional Asian ladies. While many Chinese ladies are simply marrying Western men for money, educated ladies are often a good bet. They can find it hard to find Chinese husbands because Chinese men usually prefer younger housewives rather than alpha females.
By the way, if you had your heart set on a Japanese wife, then why not look for one of the many Chinese ladies on ChineseLoveLinks who speak Japanese?

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