Clean, Beautiful and NaturalB Implementation of a garden enviroment should be beautiful in its esthetics as well as fitting to the enviroment. Professional Garden ServicesC We at Zen, provide many services when it comes to Japanese Gardens, from gardening services to pruning trees to match the Japanese design. On the internet all I do is hiss and snarl at people; however, in real life, I'll grab you by the neck and drag you across the floor like a boss.

SEATTLE, BELLEVUE, KIRKLAND, RENTON and REDMOND (WA) Washington State area is covered as our main locale of Japanese landscape and garden design, construction, and builders service. From pruning trees , botanical design to just taking care of your new garden, we consult every project with utmost care.
So, every garden has it's unique character when we design a garden for a small corridor or designing for a large landscape.

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