Hudson’s Media is the leading provider of tourism and heritage information through print guides, websites and apps. We also own Jarrold Publishing, specialists in bespoke guidebooks for historic houses, museums and galleries. Hudson’s Media are the proud sponsors of the VisitEngland Visitor Information Provider of the Year Award, a subject that is close to our hearts.
Michelle will talk about the history of Jarrolds, which has been at the heart of Norwich since 1823, and about her own role within the store as Development Director, how the store manages to continue to move forward with new and exciting additions and maintain its position as one of the best independent department stores in the UK. It was at this point, some believe, that the Saint’s body was hidden by the monks and another body substituted for that of Cuthbert.
King Henry appointed Hugh Whitehead as the first Dean of the new Cathedral and the 12 most senior monks as the first Canons. She gained invaluable retail experience working on the shop floor at Jarrolds in her gap year.

Her role was extended in subsequent years to Fashion Merchandise Manager, and in 1999 to Merchandise Director with responsibility for buying, selling and marketing across the Store and branches. The Rites state that the Prior and monks buried him in the same place where his shrine had been.
What would be more natural than that they should rebury Cuthbert in the same spot where his shrine stood? Although the body was found to be a skeleton, the artefacts recovered were certainly those of Cuthbert. He took out an ivory comb and a portable altar together with silks given to Cuthbert by King Athelstan when the shrine was at Chester le Street. After graduating, Michelle spent several years working in publishing, initially in book production for Orbis, London and later as senior editor for Parke Sutton Publishing.
A highlight for her was the award in November 2001 of the Drapers Independent Store of the Year.

The bill of 17 shillings and 4½ pence for preparing the grave for the 1542 reburial is preserved in the Cathedral archives.
A coffin, presumably made in 1542, was uncovered; inside was another coffin probably that made in 1104.
She juggles being a mother of two children with her current role as Development and Fashion Director.

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