An accident can dramatically effect the lives of you and your family including loss of income, medical expenses draining your savings, and causing pain and suffering. Even in cases where the injuries are not severe, it can disrupt your daily lives and cause friction in your daily routine, Mr. He is a former member of the Board LAWPAC, formerly a statewide, political action committee for plaintiff's attorneys.
He formally served as an aid to the Joint Committee on Education of the 1973 Washington State Legislature, a standing committee co-chaired by then Representative Al Bauer and then Senator Booth Gardner; and as chief deputy in the Clark County Prosecuting Attorneys Office, until 1979, under James E Carty. Sellers represented the Clark County Board of Commissioners under a contract between the Prosecuting Attorney and the County Board.

He is licensed to practice law in State and Federal (Western District) Court in both Washington and Oregon.
Sellers was instrumental in establishing a system of Risk Management and self-insurance for Clark County in 1977.

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