To get access to this resource, just click the link below to purchase and start downloading immediately. And maybe like you, I was skeptical of the audacious promises of certain authors saying you could sell a million books on Amazon and move to the mountains to live off the royalties for the rest of your life. Because of these promises, I resisted publishing an eBook for a long time (even though I really wanted to).
I’ve appeared on the Amazon best sellers list multiple times (getting as high as #3 out of all books in the Kindle store). How the Kindle Direct Publishing process works: formatting, cover design, uploading your book to Amazon, etc. Don’t Miss a Thing!Every week, I write new articles on writing, ideas, and making a difference. You can opt into the Kindle channel while also having your eBook submitted to the iBookstore, Nook store, Kobo Store and Everything else. Lulu’s techno-sorcery will even convert the EPUB file you created on Lulu to a MOBI file automatically as part of the process of submitting your eBook to Amazon’s Kindle store. Take for example Andy Weir, a computer programmer who self published the best selling science fiction novel “The Martian.” He initially offered free chapter downloads on his website and listened to his readers’ feedback before compiling the chapters into a completed novel.
Make sure to share a link of your eBook’s Amazon Kindle listing in the Comments section on the left. Despite Kindle World’s seemingly revolutionary legitimization of fanfiction, the venture appears to be a traditional publishing model in one crucial respect. Amazon’s focus on ebooks might not matter particularly for a traditional publishing venture (although I think all publishers today should be at least thinking about establish online communities), but Kindle Worlds is attempting to attract the fan communities, who not only write, but also interact and read, online. These online writing sites, even the most basic, enable and enhance one of the most important aspects of a fandom: the sense of belonging, of community, created through the opportunities for immediate and direct interaction and feedback with readers and followers.
So if being online is so important to fanfiction, why has Amazon not adopted this central mechanism which could have drawn millions of views to its own online site?
So one could argue that the “form” of the ebook in this case, where online would normally be the “native” medium, answers primarily the needs of the licensors rather than those of the fans and readers.
So if the online platform is not offered, how appealing will Kindle Worlds be to fanfiction writers? As for the readers of the Kindle World novels, these are unlikely to be the died-in-the wool fanfiction readers, who can, and probably will continue to, read fanfiction for free on the fanfiction sites, where content is not restricted, and boundaries are not set.

The target market then may instead be the “average” fan of shows and books rather than those already participating in the online fanfiction world. Anna von Veh is the co-founder of the digital publishing services consultancy and publisher Say Books. About the AuthorGuest ContributorGuest contributors to Publishing Perspectives have diverse backgrounds in publishing, media and technology.
After all, you’ve been told you need an agent and a publisher and a huge platform even to just sell a small number of books. I work a day job, have a family (wife, baby, dog — the whole deal), and write when I have the time. You will be walked through how to publish while avoiding common mistakes that hinder many self-published authors from selling. Once your purchase is confirmed, I’ll immediately send you links to download the MP3s and PDF.
This blog is where I share my best work and test out ideas before they make it into my books. Even readers who don’t have a Kindle can buy and read your eBook on their smart phone, tablet or computer via the Kindle Cloud Reader. Simple; go to the My Projects page, click the Manage distribution icon to the right of the eBook, and choose your eBook distribution options. If you are curious how your eBook will look on a Kindle eReader, you can get an idea of what the MOBI version will look like using a free EPUB to MOBI converter. Kindle Worlds and the form of the ebook itself fulfills a gatekeeper role for the World licensors, rather than being also an online vehicle for writing, reading and building community for the fans, which is what one might have expected of a fanfiction-based publishing venture. Amazon does not appear to have adopted nor explored the basic underlying interactive, dynamic mode of storytelling that is at the heart of fanfiction which, crucially, begins and lives online. An ebook, in contrast, provides limited means for community and interaction, except by proxy through sites such as GoodReads, which Amazon has of course recently acquired. One reason may simply be that they are relying on sites like Wattpad to generate the traffic to Kindle Worlds.
The “fan fiction” in the context of Kindle Worlds is something of a misnomer, as Kindle Worlds is more about carefully managed “tie-in” novels than it is about the free-ranging, unconstrained desires and narratives of fanfiction. However, fanfiction and fan culture have a long history of being communal, supportive and importantly a gift to readers, and decidedly not a commercial venture, so the lure of payment undermines something that is deemed very important in the fanfiction community.

If Amazon fulfils the role of the traditional publisher in terms of editorial assessment, that might increase its appeal to fanfiction readers.
There may yet be room for other publishing ventures that align more closely with the culture and purpose of fanfiction, and fan production and culture generally.
Interestingly, more people downloaded the $0.99 version from the Kindle store than had ever downloaded the free chapters. This is where young people, in particular, are writing and reading; perhaps books, whether ebooks or print, increasingly belong to an older demographic. The online format also provides the means for writers to include all sorts of external pop and culture references, and hyperlinks, which can be managed by even an amateur techie.
It is the fact that Kindle Worlds appears to be only about ebooks that is the issue in the context of fanfiction. This may well mark a turning point though for the fanfic writing community, with the younger demographic of writers on Tumblr and Wattpad perhaps embracing such a venture, seeing it as both a form of revenue, and as a self-marketing vehicle used perhaps to attract big advances from “real” publishers. However, it still not clear how much editorial work Amazon will do, and whether indeed there will be a distinction made between the commissioned and the self-published works. The most difficult step may be to convince content owners that fans can be welcomed and accommodated as producers, not just passive recipients of content; that they can be partners not threats. But to rank up to Bestselling Mobile Device Master, you must submit your eBook for distribution. The plural “Worlds” in Kindle Worlds marks a clear separation between the different fanbases; there will be no boundary crossing here. This sends your eBook to online retailers across the globe, including Amazon’s Kindle store. Trying to constrain the unconstrainable is an inherent paradox in a model based on content control. I’ve seen reference elsewhere that this would have passed the test, which seems rather odd. Most licensors would want to retain control over the content that appears online and therefore restrict official content, whether it be original or fan-generated, to their own fan sites; it might indeed be very difficult to keep the licensed Worlds separate in one online environment.

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