Kingsoft Office 2013 (WPS Office)Kingsoft Office 2013 (WPS Office) - is a free software for your office .Kingsoft Office is a good alternative to the standard office suite Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office 2012 provides powerful functions - PDF conversion , switching instruments Tab, choose print options , and toolbar Google Search, which are not available with Microsoft Office.Allows you to save the presentation in a format Power Point, as well as PDF- format easily.
Spreadsheets - The Spreadsheets app fulfills all your personal and professional data analyzing needs. This software package offers three distinct components, namely Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft Spreadsheets, each with their own individual purpose and numerous functions.
However, they all share the same user-friendly and clear-cut interface, making Kingsoft Office Free quite accessible to anyone, regardless of the office suite that you have used in the past, if any.
In Kingsoft Spreadsheets, you can find a viable alternative to other similar utilities, as it enables you to create extensive data tables.
Kingsoft Office Free is a complex suite that proves itself as a worthy choice when compared with more popular options, as it enables you to create and customize written text documents, slideshow presentations or workbooks, with minimal effort.

Writer 2013 adds many new features, such as a new interface, a section tab, paragraph adjustment tools, & a cover page setting.
Aside from being able to change fonts, colors, alignment types, insert bullets, or special characters and symbols, you can also add tables or pictures, shapes or charts, or date and time stamps.
Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is an office suite that offers a number of features for creating, viewing and editing personal and business documents. It features a calculator, graphing tools & multiple other tools for complex data analysis. Kingsoft Office ?? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ????? ?????? ??? ?????????? ???? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ? ?? ??? ????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?????????? ???????? ???. Kingsoft Office Free 2013 includes Kingsoft Writer, Kingsoft Presentation and Kingsoft spreadsheets. Besides, it supports more than 100 commonly used formulas & a plethora of functions to aid in data analysis.

Convert your presentation slides into PDF format for free with its built-in PDF converter sub-software. These three reliable and versatile programs are perfect for both personal use at home and for professional businesses. XLSX file (Microsoft Office 2007 ) .Kingsoft has multiple functions and formulas which helps you manage , analyze and calculate data .

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