If you have been an avid fan of Sarah Paulson, then you should know by now that she has come out as gay in the past. At the time when they started exclusively dating, Sarah Paulson was only 31 years old while Cherry Jones was already 50 years if age.
Nevertheless, the dating rumors just won't go away, and Sarah Paulson's romantic adventures have always been under the scrutiny of the public.
In the recent May premiere of 'The Normal Heart,' Paulson was spotted with Pedro Pascal, who is currently best known for playing Prince Oberyn in 'Game of Thrones.' Hence, rumors about them dating circulated on the Web quickly, with reports saying that Sarah Paulson identifies herself as bisexual now.
The Independent noted that Sarah Paulson is a die-hard fan of the hit series and that she even watches it with pure excitement every episode.
Another actor who has been linked to Paulson this year is hunky "X-Men: Days of Future Past" actor Michael Fassbender. In one of her interviews as part of the promotional work they had for the movie, Paulson even recognized that she is definitely attracted to the 37-year-old Irish-German actor.
But to no avail, Sarah Paulson has not confirmed anything romantic was going on between her and Fassbender. According to Perez Hilton, Sarah Paulson is actually dating her AHS co-star Jessica Lange, who is 27 years her senior.
The two actress have been good friends since starring in "The Glass Menagerie" in 2005, so it's not possible that their friendly relationship has evolved into something more, though of course Lange has never opened up whether she's swinging for the same team. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
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It must be a fucking dream and a half to not have to worry about getting a job so you can make ends meet for the rest of your life.

While the 'American Horror Story' actress has been tagged lesbian ever since she came out publicly and announced that she's dating Cherry Jones in 2006, it seems the times have changed for Paulson who is now being linked to both male and female celebs.
She even confirmed in 2006 that she was sharing an intimate relationship with 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress recipient Cherry Jones, who is by the way 19 years her senior. However, the two reportedly didn't mind the age difference since they were pretty much in love. Celebitchy reported that Sarah Paulson dating Pedro Pascal rumors were simply rumors as the actress already confessed that they only share a friendly idol-fan kind of relationship and nothing more.
But here's one thing that fans don't know: Paulson and Pasca have actually known each other since they were like 19, and they have been close friend since.
Rumors about Sarah Paulson dating Fassbender came after they worked together for "12 Years a Slave," where Paulson played Fassbender's horrible wife. The famous entertainment and gossip site even maintained that Lange has already moved on from her break up with Sam Shepard in 2009, so now she's happy with Paulson. Sadly, their romance ended after three years, according to WhosDatedWho, and since then Sarah Paulson's dating life was never made public. She says she loves whoever she loves, and Sarah makes her really happy," the insider added. I had just come out of the closet and I thought she was best thing since Nintendo (don’t judge my video game reference I am a nerd). Since these kids grew up with platinum spoons in their mouth, does that automatically mean that they’ll grow up, ever encouraged by the Hollywood spotlight, to become the most self-absorbed, self-idolizing uber bastards of the free world?
But for these pretty, posturing dickholes, the constant, grinding day-in and day-out slavery of the working class is about as far and alien to celebrity rich kids as first-class airline seats are to you. You have beautiful, brimming humanity cocooned inside of you that’s untouched and glimpsed by only a select and worthy few.

It hasn’t been blinded and scrutinized by flashbulbs, or publicly humiliated by seedy sex tapes that never die. The 'American Horror Actress' has maintained to be tight-lipped whenever she's asked about her dating exploits. It’s different with your first because, at least for me, when I finally found the person and gender I felt the most naturally attracted to the feelings were different. I understand that the beginning stages of a relationship are exciting and you want to spend all your time with someone, but SLOW DOWN. You have something they want and actually had at some point: the absolute freedom to live your life however you want. I don’t condone the cling because I think lesbians could benefit from slowing down, but I will admit I have done it. Going fast in dating exposes you to things like unstable people, emotional injury, and what I am going to call emotional burn out – The biggest problem in lesbian dating. If you ask me, I’d rather have a whole lifetime than some paltry fifteen minutes of forgotten fame.
It’s what happens when you spend too much time with someone and you have no time to miss them.
Lesbians express their emotions fast and cling, most of the time, to the first girl they have feelings for.
I think lesbian women express emotions so quickly with one another because there is a mutual understanding of sorts.

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