In honor of Disney's "Frozen" weekend, the stars got together to shoot a music video of one of the film's most popular songs.
The full music video is set to premiere today on the Disney Channel app, with the song also debuting on Radio Disney -- so yes, you're about to have the song stuck in your head for another month!
September 15, 2013 By shark 7 Comments Stop Shark Finning has created a striking poster to encourage people to say no to shark fin soup. I’ve tried to do my small part to this end by writing a short story about shark finning to raise awareness. I too have just completed part one of a comic-book series that I soon hope to upload on youtube. Christina Coleman is the managing editor of NewsOne and a contributing editor for Global Grind.
A new White House petition is claiming updated Army regulations banning certain hairstyles are biased against black women.
The new grooming rules specifically forbid twists, braids, dreadlocks and other protective hairstyles popular among women of color who do not use chemical relaxer on their hair.
Kind of a hard thing to do when you have a crown of glorious afro curls coming from your head.

One veteran told Al Jazeera America that most black women in the Army wear their hair natural because they usually don’t have the tools to maintain chemically relaxed or straightened hair when they are deployed.
So what are black women who employ natural hairstyles adopted from their ancestors and culture supposed to do in the Army? Featured in the video are stars from "Austin and Ally," "Liv and Maddie," "Good Luck, Charlie." and more. The demand for shark fin soup means that in just a few years many shark species could become extinct. I am writing this right now because I feel this poster is completely ineffective at deterring anyone from shark fin soup. I’m using my humble means to spread it as widely as I can in non-conservation niches.
The regulations, which went into effect on Monday, also require that the “bulk of hair” not exceed 2 inches from the scalp.
While twists and dreadlocks have been banned since 2005, these updated regulations go into more detail about specific hairstyles. Jasmine Jacobs of the Georgia National Guard launched the petition, pointing out that nearly a third of women serving in the military are non-white and many wear their hair natural (not chemically altered or in extensions).

Solange keeping it simple but cute on the Carlo Pazolini Flagship Store Opening Party Red Carpet. Solange Knowles looking just stunning in this deep v-cut metallic gown at The Angel Ball 2012. From the shoes to the printed top, everything about this outfit screams Solange, at the Burberry Body fragrance launch red carpet. Any supporters who would be able to help with creating versions in their own language are encouraged to get in touch. Sharks have been around for 400 million years and they are vital for the health of the oceans.
There will be different graphics and posters forthcoming which will tackle the issue from different perspectives.
It’s never interfered with my head gear,” Jacobs, who says she wears her hair in two twists, told Army Times.

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