Save small business and tax payers money, stop printing legal notices.This is a grass-roots project developed to highlight the absurd nature of the print oriented legal notice publication requirement. Only a few states still force newly formed businesses to pay to publish notices in the back of the newspaper. Acording to the bill, local governments previously had to publish their budget and property tax levy two times each in two different newspapers.
Here's a story that illustrates the absurdity of the requirement to publish legal notices in print.
A Common Pleas judge in Ohio has ruled that a free newspaper can publish legal notices in Darke County, Ohio. The Providence Journal reports that Governor Chafee's proposed budget contemplates the enactment of Article 22, "The Modernization of Legal Notices and Advertisements" .
Plastic packaging is today one of the most widely used packaging materials in almost all industries both food & non-food.
TMP serves all industries where there is a requirement for plastic containers & plastic parts.
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Until the law is repealed or redefined every LLC filed in New York State will be published here as Public Notices - for free. The notices on the Riverheadlocal allow readers to be alerted via email or text if a specific type of notice is published.
The Ohio statute, unlike most other states does not require explicitly that paid circulation publications are the only vehicle for public notices. Article 22 would replace the requirement to publish notices in newspapers with the ability to post those notices online.
Dennard noted that the lack of bids forces them to re-bid and adds expense and time to county-wide projects. TMP is equipped with various machinery for producing plastic containers using one-step injection and blow molding machinery as well as stand-alone blow molding and injection molding machines.
TMI has the technical know-how for designing thin wall as well as normal wall thickness molds. TMP is also capable of printing on plastic containers using its 2 fully automatic 4-color UV screen printing machines. This is not an official method to publish, however, the notices are available for ALL of the public to view. Newspaper publishers across the state predictably oppose the measure to save cash-strapped municpalities, school districts, counties and the state money.

There does however appear to be some friction between the newspaper and Dennard as Daily News mentioned that County recently pulled the contract to publish public notices out of the Daily News and placed them in The Post of Galveston County. This support enables TMP to maintain a constant quality and to achieve high standards for all of its products. Continuous commitment to design and to machine new molds for our plastic production requirements allows TMP to constantly expand our industries served.
In addition an easy to read calendar view let's you see what is upcoming as well as faceted search to just view certain types of notices. The next step will be to allow online publications which have more readers and would lower costs for municipalities nationwide, the right to compete as well. We estimate, extrapolating from reported spend in other states, public notices cost $3.4 million in Rhode Island. Apart from serving local industries, TMP also exports special plastic closures to various countries. The local Patch publication provides no notices and the Riverhead News Review doesn't seem to post them at all.

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