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Some councils have responded by supplying buildings, and financial and administrative support to set up facilities for women and children. A motion was passed that ALGWA NSW Executive supports Local Government as a provider of Childcare in their communities.
The title of the series, Back to Grassroots, reflects the Governor-General s involvement in community, the law, and human rights activism, reform and practice throughout her personal and professional life. Quentin Bryce is Australia s first female Governor General and the first Governor General in office to present the Boyer lectures. Each of the four lectures was broadcast by the ABC Radio National and can be downloaded from the website.
Like the best sort of conversation it has taken Australians down countless paths enthralling, challenging, unworn paths. The next night, 1 October, Gillard and Summers had another conversation before a packed Melbourne Town Hall and again Gillard answered audience questions.

These two unforgettable and never-to-be-repeated conversations are shown in full on this exclusive souvenir DVD. Sport NSW and can assist in building strong alliances around running programs in their LGA s.
Jill Baptist Director - Jill is a Program Director at IAG (Insurance Australia Group) and is responsible for leadership. Julie Griffiths Director - Julie has had a long term interest in female sport, coaching at the elite Level. Cr Vicki Scott and Dixie, a community member,spoke about the benefits of council setting up a Status of Women Committee as Gosford has done..
Julie has held positions as National and State Soccer Coach for over 30 years in the sport. I know from personal experience as a foster carer for children needing urgent respite care. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

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