Today my 13 year old daughter wore a new-to-her skirt to church and I wanted to share.   The girls in our family normally wear skirts, and I was thrilled to find this one for under $5!   I think she did a wonderful job pairing this skirt with staples she already had in her wardrobe.
I do most of my shopping for our family at children’s consignment sales.  I love these semi-annual sales, we usually find deals for under thrift store prices!
I found myself in a group discussion earlier this week and one of the topics we had centered around the new Black Barbie doll and how it is a mis-representation of a real Black woman. This entry was posted in Random Thoughts and tagged Barbie, beauty, Black, children, cosmetics, discussion, doll, individual, market, new age, reflection, style, woman by suzee.
Anyone who says that Mattel has not made attempts or ever catered to a multi cultural customer is ill informed and needs to do their home work before going on a tirade. I was surprised to find that not only did have two ethnically correct and black inspired dolls but they were also friends of Barbie.
Iman, liya kebede and Yasmin Warsame are African models with no white heritage in the gene pool, are all black, with slender features and soft hair that grows long. It is often the same Black American who argues that Barbie is not black or black enough that has little or no knowledge of what that statement implies.
You cannot be angry with a White parent wanting to produce a product for their child any more than you can fault a Black parent for doing the same.
It would appear that Mattel’s founders were doing their part to end racism in the USA and around the world.
All the girls in this line are hairstylist from Detroit and dress in Hip Hop pop culture inspired clothing. Where Barbie has succeeded at delivering a message of hope and open mindedness to young girls the So In Style click is taking steps backward.
The next time you rant about Barbies lack of Black look in the mirror and see how much of you is naturally Black and now that we do not all look a like.
Barbie Scarbie, who really cares, White Barbie has been out for as long as Rock Of Ages was just a pebble. So, when I started do this whole thing where once a year, I put on a bathing suit and go in public, I thought, yes. But it turns out, putting on a bikini was so much harder than just, well, putting on a bikini. So, I took to the Internet, because heaven forbid us plus-size gals need to try anything on in a store, and ordered an absolutely obscene amount of bikinis. I wanted to include another fun cover-up, and I saw Jennifer Aniston rock this look once, and always wanted to try it.
To many, the doll is simply the same old Barbie with the same White features and the same long flowing hair. If you are going after a certain doll market, you would want to reflect a representation that is altogether positive and real-to-life.
We must instill self worth in our children, not teach them to hate themselves or others for any reason.
Growing up I remember my cousins and other little girls of color playing with their black barbie dolls. It is my opinion that Mattel took a big step with intentionally or not, in teaching little girls that they can be friends with who’m ever they choose regardless of skin tone. Seeing as most people who would call themselves African American and have never been to Africa need to better understand who they are and where they come from. For example My Grand mother who’s family comes from Barbados was very fare skinned, where as my Grandfather who come from Jamaica is very dark skinned.

However I will inform you that companies like Olmec toys, which gave us the beautiful line of Imani dolls never gave Imani any White or Asian friends and where never blasted for not offering Imani in a White version. I personally feel the designer Stacey McBride-Irby should be ashamed of the limited stereo typical image of Black America being sold to our young woman.
While there is nothing wrong with that, it sends a very limited message to Black girls, making a clear statement that while Barbie herself and those in here social group can be anything from President to an Astronaut the girls of the So In Style click have only a few options. It is not Barbie who says to little Black girls they are not pretty It is you as a parent and a failing roll model.
But you should remember that slaves built this country so take pride in being a part of it. White Barbies took the shape of a very very few white women, its like the cartoons our children watch on the cartoon channel. It had cliffs and caverns and stretch marks and gall bladder surgery scars and love handles and saggy parts and a belly button that was so totally lower than I remember it being before. I had been so focused on the actual act, I never even considered the difficulty in finding one that fit.
Ironically, most of them ended up being quite obscene themselves, and the majority of them went back, but that's the thing with any shopping experience. It's so flattering, and it's easy to toss over the bikini top when you get chilled, and you can even swim in it. Now, Jennifer Aniston I am not, but I picked up this worn looking denim button-up from Target a few months ago with the intent to wear it with a fun maxi skirt and gave it a go.
I had a father that would -- we would look up at billboards and he would say, "That's one version of beauty.
When I started collecting I wanted to know more about what I have been spending money on, so I did the research. Iman has no insecurities about her heritage, where as American models like Donyale Luna made many embarrassing attempts to hide their heritage. In the Americas most often the Black population is made up of a mix of different ethnic and social backgrounds. To see my Grandfather you would never guess his mother was Half Irish and almost white in appearance. However Mattel did offer Barbie three Black friends throughout the 1960’s when America was still segregated. Well apparently all Black people look alike because this was not enough Black Barbie was still seen as being a tanned white woman. The So In Style girl is more concerned with Hair, (hence her occupation as a hair stylist) and her mass market fashion sense than she is with stepping out side of the box. So if Mattel has ever made a bad decision where ethnicity is concerned it is the release of the So In Style doll collection and they should be ashamed. The next time you weave your hair, open a jar of relaxer, buy skin bleaching cream, or put on clothes that do not fit, stop and think to yourself what you are saying to the littles girls that are watching.
Are Jamaicans more Black than Haitians or is it the Southern US Black folk or maybe it’s the Africans? I easily had 42 breakdowns on my bedroom floor, but I took another shot of tequila and got back on the horse, because if I had just given up, I never would have found two looks that make me feel crazy swim suit confident and positively gorgeous. Thinking a little further, this is the new age afterall and these days (although there is probably way too much importance spent on the superficial and the cosmetics; it is a big BIG business, afterall) everyone has the right to develop their own style. I read many blogs and have learned the history of barbie and other fashion dolls that have come and gone.

Dominicans and Jamaicans do not resemble and do not share many cultural similarities if any and yet they are both Black. As a result my mother and each of her siblings have different features and vary in complexion. In the early 1990’s as answer to Olmec toys and the vast number of complaints against Mattel for not offering ethnically correct Barbie dolls. If it is the Africans, than is it the Somalian, Nigerians, Egyptians, Ethiopians, or Tanzanians? I need a bottom that comes up high enough to hide my pouch, and a top big and supportive enough to handle my 38DDDs.
My boobs basically took one look at it and cackled all, girrrrl, I hope you like your nipples touching your navel, because this shit is about to happen. I must say I am disappointed in the lack of knowledge and ignorance shown by black Americans regarding fashion dolls and not being represented. All of these dolls have ethnically inspired facial features, such as a wider nose and fuller lips. I am so used to jacking things up super high on my stomach, camel toe be damned, because it felt held in and secure. More importantly, when we are talking about dolls and how children reflect what they are exposed to… we must cultivate and encourage in our kids a love and an appreciation for their own appearance and the beauty they possess. I cannot forget to mention that Barbie has a Black cousin by the name of Francie who appeared before Barbie was given a Black best friend. Three different Black dolls with different ethnically correct features, Shani, Nichelle, and Asha.
If I was told to create a woman with a piece of putty, I was make her drop dead sexy too, even though my wife is fat. But, when it comes to swimwear, doing that makes this weird shelf above my butt, which is the opposite of appealing. She's another version of beauty." He always said that beauty came from within, and as much as you're younger and you're [sarcastically] like, "Yeah, beauty comes from within" -- no, beauty does come from within. You are not Afro, Afri, or African American you are Black just like White people are White not European American.
I believe in putting smiles on faces, making the sick, feel better, making the dead RISE UP. I've met some of the most beautiful people, and sadly their heart is just not smiling, and that destroys it all.
So Mattel canceled the line although the characters where still appeared occasionally as friends of Barbie.
I have hips and thick thighs and an ass, you know, girl stuff, and I might as well get to know them. And then other people that aesthetically aren't considered as beautiful are the most gorgeous people I've ever seen in my life.

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