Ass hole you are so stupid and retarded you’re the one that is retarded and disrespectful what is you were like that and someone said that to you. So Shaq does aomething nice once in a while,and that makes up for all the other douchebaggery he does on the regular ? People REALLY need to learn to get to know someone first without making a stupid ass rude judgemental comment.
I feel sorry for him, because that is usually a sign of cancer or disease in the brain if it happens that early in life. What is really sad, is that kids who are treated differently because they are taller, may come here looking for info on Shaq, like I just did…and have to read all the garbage comments.
Tall, arachnoidism (big hands and feet on long limbs), high arched pallet and heart problems?
You are all just doing the same thing the original, uneducated ignoramus did when he posted that comment that go your panties all in a twist.

They commit 52% of all violent crime (though they are only 13% of the population), 75% of blacks have, or have had, at least 1 STD.
Well that is the case for 12-year old Brenden Adams who was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show.
He had no right to say that, but he was also obviously looking for a reaction (trolling…), and you all just made yourselves look like jackasses feeding into it.
As stupid as you sound, there are whites on welfare just as well, you talk about blacks committing crimes, what about the school shooters that are white, the child pedophiles that are white, serial killers that are white because they grew up in bad conditions and been abused by their parents and flip the fuck out because they can’t control themselves and murder people.
Brenden has a terribly hard time finding clothes and often is the subject of long stares from people when he walks around in public.
It will heal with time, only if you don’t want to end up a hateful, bitter old man that everyone avoids like the plague.
But that’s what you pieces of shit do, troll and make dumb ass comments behind a keyboard but would never confront a black person to their face and call them names or even repeat the last line you typed to their face.

Most of you are just a bunch of hollering, condescending meatheads that refuse to discuss anything like an adult. You have rich white kids who grow up getting what they want and get greedy and take out their parents to inherit the trust fund or family riches. All of you jerkoffs can do nothing but call names and make racial comments but would never expose yourself to the world because you’re nothing but lowlife scum pieces of shit who hide like cockroaches when the lights on.

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