One last tip we have seen success with in my office should you get turned down on one of the above scripts is ask them if they have thought of buying an investment property. Session 26 is where I talk about everything you need to be doing when starting out in your Real Estate Career.
It is important when starting a team to consider the following items, both as a team leader and as a team member. In Episode 24, I go over the power of the client party for real estate agents.  I tell you about some ideas for throwing a party from large to small, as well as how to do the marketing and invitations.  I then cover some Business to Business ideas you can use to help get you even more business coming in! One of the best ways to grow your business and deepen relationships is by acknowledging your best clients.  A great idea is to invite them to a client event!  In this episode I go over some great events you can try, from something small for just a few clients, to large events with hundreds of people.
I also talk about how to throw a real estate House Warming Party for your clients.  You can also read about that HERE. B2B  I also cover businesses that you should be connecting with, so you can be sending and receiving referrals to help you reach your sales goals.  Here is just a short list of Business to Business connections you can make. THANKS very much for listening and if you found value in this episode, please share it with others below. Having these systems really frees up your time so you are focused on lead generation and working with clients. I also mention a great scheduling tool called Calendly   You can give a link to your clients and let them choose a time that suits them. In Session 23, I talk about the much needed systems an Agent puts in place to make sure leads and potential business don’t slip through the cracks.  Having systems on autopilot is a must to ensure a successful business for now, and far into the future. I mention how to reach out to your sphere of influence when you start your real estate career. I also talk about open houses.  Open houses are a great inexpensive way to get yourself in front of customers FAST!  Many people will start their search by  visiting open houses.  If you can get them early on in their search, they may become a client!
These people may just be starting to look for there next home and you will be able to help them! In Episode 21, I went over the 5 stages of Real Estate that I see most Real Estate Agents fall into.  In today’s session (Episode 22) I dive deep in to stage 1, where it’s all about Lead Generation!
Early on in an agents career, the most important activity is lead generation.  From that point on, lead generation will still be the most important task, however how that happens may differ.
In this podcast I go over the activities I see my and many other agents doing and how these activities affect their production level. I also mentioned doing open houses and working with Buyers, here are the links to those episodes.
If you’ve said yes to the following 2 questions, then it may be time for you to consider getting yourself an assistant. Here is a list of tasks an assistant can do for you according to the National Association of Realtors. As busy real estate agents, we often get burdened with mundane  daily tasks that take us away from the really important things we should be doing.  Things like meeting new clients, negotiating offers, showing properties and taking calls.
I share a story how this App not only showed where the iPhone was but how our staff member got it back!
Dealing with offers can be tricky and daunting at the same time.  Knowing how to maintain control can be the difference in getting a deal done or having it go sideways!  In episode 18 I go over how to handle offers, including dealing with multiple offers. A great App for consuming Podcast episodes on your phone, without having to tether your phone to iTunes.  You can search for Podcasts and download episodes to your phone to play later. I share stories how my agents uses different techniques to move their referral business along. How to get started in your new real estate career can be tough.  How do you generate quality leads?  Where do good leads come from?  What are the best ways for a new agent to generate leads?
Here is a list of great ways for a new agent to generate leads.  All of these techniques can be started immediately with little or no money needed. While I have you on the phone, do you know anyone that is thinking of making a move?  Just remember if you think of anyone I would really appreciate if you could get their name and number so I can follow up with them. You can also reach out and connect with people over Facebook, just make contact, it may be your next lead! Another great lead generation technique is engaging in a farm area.  By starting small and marketing to an area of homes, you can quickly establish yourself as the area expert.  By using some of these marketing ideas, you can quickly grow your farm area from 500 to 1000 homes and even more!
I share a little story where an agent has put together a marketing plan for herself and sets out to complete the tasks necessary to fulfill her goal of completing the plan.  She has a limited amount of time to get tasks done and resorts to some useful techniques to complete the jobs. Create a MASTERMIND GROUP.  A group of 10 or so Like Minded people who want to grow their business. There you have it, 8 simple things to help you get your time management under control and get things done.
I also give some tips on choosing a domain name to help setup your niche market.  I share ideas on what type of specialization you can do for your business and your niche. In Session 14, I go over the 8 things your website should be doing for you and your Real Estate business.  I cover some lead generation items that your website could do for you and I also explain how Google search works. Here is a list of the 8 things I mention on this podcast that your website should be doing for you and your business. Knock on at least 25 doors at a time.  Typically you can knock on about 20-30 doors per hour so this should be a minimum you set for yourself.
Typical results are 1 appointment for every 50 doors knocked.  If you can commit to knocking on 100 doors per week you should be generating at least 2 appointments per week.  With those kind of results you will have many listings to sell in no time!
Prior to taking my first job in the dental industry, I had worked as a clinical chemist in hospital laboratories and the medical industry. Remember when caries detection meant the dentist looked at an X-ray and probed teeth with an explorer to find soft spots?
The next time you are at a trade show, find at least one booth that is selling products you know nothing about.
Learning about the technologies and nuances of this industry will only cease when you retire. Jim Ferrell is the mastermind behind DentalFax Monthly and DentalFax Weekly, which track and analyze dental industry developments and stock activity. As gracious as he is savvy, Fitzpatrick took time to share his unique perspectives with Mentor. From your perspective, what are some of the more promising trends and growth opportunities in today’s market?
Properly calibrate X-ray equipment for pediatric patients, and take appropriate precautions. Gary Price, president and CEO of the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA), directs the association representing dental manufacturers, distributors and laboratories. In launching the initiative, the ADA points to unsettling data from a Harris Interactive study released by the association in mid-May. The campaign is also motivated in part by health care reform's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), which is expected to reduce the number of children without dental benefits by 55%, but result in only a 5% reduction in the number of adults without oral care benefits. To address the crisis, the ADA has set up initiatives with specific goals that can be found at An international research team has developed a promising new, nanotechnology-based restorative material that inhibits bacteria while also helping to remineralize teeth. Rather than deficiencies in sterilization protocols, however, in this case it's believed that cross-contamination from an improperly installed dental air compressor may have exposed patients to the human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis or other pathogens. A delegation of dental industry executives visited Capitol Hill last spring to seek changes in health care legislation they contend will have negative impacts on manufacturers and distributors. Both programs are part of health care reform's Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Designed to increase transparency in industry's dealings with dentists and reduce conflicts of interest, the Sunshine Act requires dental manufacturers and group purchasing organizations to report certain types of transactions with clinicians, such as gifts, meals and entertainment, or compensation for lectures and seminars. Those who wish to support these efforts can find sample letters to elected officials at Grant applications were made available July 1 for community-based organizations that provide dental hygiene services to patients with limited access to care. Teams of AAPD clinicians and affiliated volunteers provided preventive and restorative services, oral health instruction and home care kits, courtesy of Sunstar.
Next year's event will correspond with the AAPD meeting in Boston, and applications are now being accepted for volunteer clinicians and clinic sites.
At presstime, the program and its partners had sealed 741,080 teeth and, at this pace, it's projected to reach two million teeth by 2015, five years ahead of schedule. Any advances in the fight against cancer are encouraging — and this could be the start of a major breakthrough.
In an effort to provide greater flexibility and more options to dental professionals, Pentron has announced that its entire suite of products will now be sold through dealer distribution.
The company is also streamlining and simplifying its product portfolio by eliminating some of its older products and focusing on its newer, more popular materials. Accutron’s RFS Chairmount Kits position the mixed gas and vacuum delivery source chairside. Understanding the critical role of stroke activation in ultrasonic instrumentation will help sales pros more effectively engage clinicians in dicissions about this increasingly important modality. Excellence in ultrasonic debridement hinges on several factors, one of which is stroke activation.1 Your clients can have the best equipment, choose appropriate power settings, and use the optimal tips, instrumentation sequence and adaption, but if their activation technique is faulty, the therapy will fail. Careful assessment of the UIT's speed and pattern of motion, along with a methodical (and, when needed, segmental) approach sets the stage for predictable clinical results.
The best way to guard against errors of hasty or careless debridement is proper treatment planning. While today's mechanic might plug a diagnostic scanner into the vehicle to identify the source of a problem, dental patients do not come with plug-n-play capability.
Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has changed the radiographic equation for endodontic diagnostics.
Toronto-based endodontist Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C), who teaches endodontics at the University of Toronto and the University of Technology in Jamaica, believes that one of the biggest breakthroughs in endodontics has been the dental operating microscope.
But regardless of the technology employed, clinicians agree that the first step in diagnosis is a thorough exam. Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C), an international lecturer who operates a private endodontic practice in Toronto and teaches in the graduate department of endodontics at the University of Toronto, notes that because CBCT depicts the tooth in three dimensions, details and canal anatomy may be revealed that might otherwise be missed.
But, sometimes, it takes more than an image to uncover what's going on inside a root canal system.
As Kurtzman explains, the theory is that a nonvital tooth will have no reaction, while a tooth in which the pulp is inflamed will have an increased response compared to a normal tooth.
Despite its potential utility, an EPT may not deliver all the answers, and, indeed, these devices have been known to yield inaccuracies. Whereas an EPT and other kinds of basic diagnostics test sensitivity in the pulp (which indirectly indicates vitality), some methods use light to help determine pulpal blood flow or other conditions within the root canal. Pulse oximetry measures blood oxygen saturation levels in tissues, and is reportedly capable of passing its sig5nal through enamel and dentin.

Another diagnostic technology known as fiber-optic transillumination is proving clinically useful, especially for detecting cracks. Barnett laments the lack of available tests to accurately determine the true extent of pulpal inflammation, and whether the involved pulp can heal with conservative treatment. The use of digital radiography allows clinicians to easily magnify and colorize images to assist in identifying anatomy, as well as the pulpal system and possible fractures within the tooth.
Cone beam computed tomography provides threedimensional X-ray images that will help reveal hidden anatomy that may not be picked up by conventional, two-dimensional radiography. Besides cold testing, dentists sometimes use electronic pulp testers to see if pulpal response indicates the tooth is still vital. Fiber-optic transillumination technology can be especially useful in detecting cracks in teeth.
Laser Doppler flowmetry and pulse oximetry are emerging technologies that, while still being investigated for reliable use in endodontics, may be helpful adjuncts for diagnosis and treatment.
Glassman notes that, for him, patients presenting with blanket facial pain is a huge challenge.
Or at least a handy diagnostic scanning device with plug-n-play capability and a patient to match. Cold testing to assess pulp vitality may be performed using refrigerant sprays or ice sticks to gauge sensitivity. Ice sticks can also be used to see which teeth are relieved by ice in cases where there is pain in response to heat. He reports that ice testing is often preferable to hot testing because heat is more likely to inflict damage.
Glassman points out that there are fairly new devices on the market specifically designed for hot pulp testing using temperatures that are comparable to a cup of coffee. As for promising new technologies, the key opinion leaders who spoke with Mentor for this article agree that pulp and tooth regeneration take center stage. Toronto-based endodontist Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C), a faculty member at the University of Toronto and an adjunct professor at the University of Technology in Jamaica, foresees a future filled with improvements in resolution for cone beam computed tomography.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Only 2 defining forces sacrificed themselves for you: The American Soldier and Jesus Christ. Seller] My name is Marty Green from Remax and we have noticed quite an increase in home prices in this are over the last 2 years and I was wondering if you’ve given any thought to making a move? Seller] I’m Marty from Remax and we just listed a home on your street at [Address]  and I was curious if you have ever given a thought to selling your home? Gather together everyone you know (your sphere of influence) by getting them into some sort of database.
This first step is so important to a quick launch.  We need to let everyone know we are in the business so we can be open to immediate referrals.
Did you miss getting important “business building” tasks done because of lack of time?
Were you scrambling trying to fit things in your schedule this week or did you miss important appointments because you were too busy?
In this episode I talk about … Prepping your … Continue reading RECM 018 : Dealing With Offers The Easy Way!
I share a little story where an agent has … Continue reading RECM 016 : 8 Quick Tips To Help REALTORS® Get Things Done! Salespeople love to talk about their products, so engage them to find out about what they’re selling. During his 35 years in the industry, Fitzpatrick has held senior sales and marketing positions in both large corporations and small firms.
More specifically, the integration of innovative devices and treatment methods into the dental office. We now have technology, for example, that detects deterioration in the crystal structure of a tooth before the pathology is even visible on an X-ray. Marketing typically conducts the research, drives product development, defines the message and orchestrates the launch. I worry about too much consolidation, because I believe entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of every industry. Featuring a minimal taper at 1% and a square cross section, this specialty endodontic file is intended for intermediate steps involved in treating calcified or curved root canals. The material reportedly allows smooth contouring and effective packing, but will not adhere to instruments. Generating highintensity output, the new version ramps up the low setting from 8000 to 15,000 LUX, the medium setting from 15,000 to 25,000 LUX, and the high setting from 25,000 to 30,000 LUX. The instrument's thin profile is specifically engineered to facilitate access into subgingival pockets and tight interproximal areas.
The slim new design enhances operator visibility and access to hard-to-reach molars, while its powerful and consistent cutting ability helps to relieve stress on both the practitioner and patient. With daily use, the mints, made of 100% natural ingredients, support the health of teeth and gums, freshen breath, and keep teeth looking white by releasing a small dose of hydrogen peroxide.
Designed for tear resistance and extra stretchability, Smart Dam features a low protein rating to minimize latex exposure, and offers a high color contrast to aid clinicians' visualization of the operating field. The wand scanner's ergonomic size allows for convenient maneuvering inside the oral cavity, and the small tip facilitates optimal positioning. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is actively pursuing ways to reduce unnecessary X-ray exposure, particularly for pediatric dental patients. It points out, however, that young patients are undergoing an increasing number of radiographic procedures, so it is important that all stakeholders better understand any risk that may exist. In its 2012 draft guidance, the FDA advised manufacturers to design radiography equipment that offers protocols and instructions suited for use on pediatric patients.
It has proposed a series of educational programs that would allow experts from the dental and medical device industries, academia and regulatory agencies to come together to discuss radiography exposure levels. At the same time, these types of exams expose patients to ionizing radiation, which can be of particular concern in pediatric patients. He is also secretary of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation that supports projects to increase access to dental care. Involving more than 1200 adult subjects, the study shows a stark divide between oral care received by lower-income and middle- and higher-income Americans.
Led by Huakun Xu, PhD, MS, of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, the team's work was recognized with the 2013 William J. Trujillo, DDS, closed in July 2010, information about the compressor came to light in late March, when a dentist who purchased the unit at auction alerted health officials of a potential problem.
The excise tax on medical device sales (which includes most dental products) is one of the act's funding mechanisms, but opponents contend it is unfair to dental manufacturers because, other than covering some pediatric benefits, the act contains only marginal provisions for adult oral health care.
The dental industry hopes to raise compliance reporting thresholds to help alleviate what otherwise promises to be a Capitol Hill-size mountain of reporting paperwork.
Available to dental hygienists and dental hygiene organizations, the grants can be used to either start or maintain community oral health outreach programs. The free-care day, which was sponsored by Sunstar Americas and held in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's (AAPD) Annual Session, provided services to 91 homeless children. Aiming to help at least 500,000 at-risk pediatric patients, program officials say the campaign is now on track to not only meet that goal, but beat it.
Dedicated sales representatives can play an instrumental role in this effort by encouraging clients to participate in or make a donation to the Seal Two Million campaign.
Scientists at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif., have discovered a new drug that has been shown to shrink or kill various types of cancerous tumors implanted into mice. According to the Stanford School of Medicine, human clinical trials may begin as early as 2014. Under this new model, the company will also maintain an internal sales force to assist dealers. At the same time, packaging is being updated to present the products in an easy-to-understand manner designed to simplify selection and ordering.
Besides practice tools and forums, visitors will find problem-solving strategies and patient education materials, as well.
By eliminating long hoses draping from cabinetry, problems with patient mask drag and displacement are minimized.
The use of overlapping strokes confined to vertical channels circumnavigating the tooth ensures thorough coverage. Matsuda, RDH, BS, MS, is a clinical instructor at the Oregon Health & Science University School of Dentistry in Portland, and has been in periodontal practice for more than 30 years. The penetration of lavage solution into the periodontal pocket during ultrasonic instrumentation. Lack of antimicrobial effect on periodontopathic bacteria by ultrasonic and sonic scalers in vitro. Fortunately, there are a number of existing and emerging technologies available to help clinicians determine pulp vitality.
But while conventional radiography is considered an important tool, it is limited as it only shows two dimensions. Palpation, probing, thermal testing, visual inspection and radiography are the most basic components.
Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, a Maryland-based lecturer and general practitioner, notes that proper assessment must also involve other diagnostic measures, such as cold and percussion tests.
Kurtzman, DDS, MAGD, a Silver Springs, Maryland-based general practitioner and lecturer, adds that compared to conventional film, digital X-rays, in general, have been a leap forward for endodontic diagnosis and treatment.
An EPT, which may be featured on some apex locators, is an electrical device that runs an adjustable, low-intensity current through the tooth to test its reaction. He adds that the device can also be used to identify isolated pockets indicative of vertical root fracture.
But when used to compare responses between a suspect tooth and adjacent teeth, it can help indicate whether the pulp is alive or not. Laser Doppler flowmetry and pulse oximetry can directly monitor pulp vascularity and vitality. Like laser Doppler flowmetry, however, it is only suitable for use on natural tooth structure.
It can also sometimes distinguish a vital tooth from a nonvital one in that the latter will take on a duller appearance. But regardless of the technology used, as clinicians boldly go into the universe of the root canal, these devices that look for trouble greatly enhance the odds for success when they find it. Gary Glassman, DDS, FRCD(C), a Toronto-based endodontist who teaches endodontics at the University of Toronto and the University of Technology in Jamaica, reports that he gets a lot of mileage out of simple ice sticks compared to more high-tech devices. But Glassman is also excited about tooth revascularization in children, which is already being implemented.

Depending on the areas, weapon choice, animal choice you want to hunt I'm positive somebody will be more tthan happy to assist. One died for your freedom, the other for your soul.My rock,He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle. Can you explain the diagnostic and treatment-planning advantages of a cone beam computed tomography system, or which types of cases might benefit from three-dimensional X-rays? Similarly, as you flip through trade journals, look for articles covering procedures, instruments and materials you are not familiar with, and educate yourself.
Often, new products are not designed to integrate with existing equipment, the practice management software or the office protocols, so it’s left to the dealer to make it all work. Second, take the time to learn your products and those of your competitors, and their clinical applications. Through various media, marketing also initiates programs and promotions that build awareness and generate leads. They foster innovation, and we need to make sure there is always room for them at the table.
Indicated as a dentin replacement, it does not require use of an adhesive, and is formulated to handle significant mechanical loads. Providing energy-efficient, colorcorrected lighting, this quiet LED system maintains a cool, consistent temperature and requires no reflector or fan. Featuring a comfortable, wide-diameter silicone grip that enhances control and cuts down on hand fatigue, the Big Easy is compatible with magnetostrictive handpieces from most manufacturers. Designed to thicken during treatment to prevent patient gagging, it reportedly does not leave a bitter aftertaste. The Ti-Max Z45L is designed with a two-way spray that allows clinicians to utilize a mist or jet spray option, depending upon the procedure. And after the dental visit is finished, young people can smile at McTooth to see the great results. Venus Smile Oral Care Probiotic Mints are one of four new Venus products that maintain the results of the Venus White professional whitening system. As someone who talks with clinicians every day, you have a prime opportunity to share information about this important issue. It also proposed that firms that fail to adequately demonstrate that new devices are safe and effective for pediatric patients should include a label that cautions against use in these populations. Through the Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance, the FDA is collaborating with manufacturers and the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging to develop pediatric radiation safety training materials. This means youthful patients have a greater chance, the FDA asserts, for the effects of excessive radiation exposure to eventually manifest as cancer. The DTA's Regulatory and Standards Committee has formed a subcommittee work group to explore this issue, and will work with professional societies to review any suggested guidelines. The cancer risk per unit dose of ionizing radiation is generally higher for younger patients than adults, and younger patients have longer lifetimes for the effects of radiation exposure to manifest. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was investigating, and was also in the process of notifying 174 patients who received treatment at the T Dental Clinic in Marana from January to July of 2010.
The incidence highlights the opportunity for sales reps to speak with clients about the need for periodic reviews of an office's equipment and infection control protocols. Consequently, it is not expected to trigger surging demand for dental products — leading the DTA to argue that the legislation is tantamount to raising dental corporate income tax up to 50% while providing little, if any, sales boost to offset the burden. Dental sales professionals can play a role in improving oral health and raising oral health awareness in their communities by letting clinicians know about this grant opportunity.
What's noteworthy about this event, however, is that the patients will receive ongoing care, thanks to $45,000 in Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Access to Care grants that will help the Orange Blossom clinic provide a dental home to the patients for the next 12 months. Over the next year, the clinic will track and report the number of Dental Home Day children returning for followup appointments, as well as cases where siblings seek care. The antibody drug restricts cancer cells from accessing a key protein, CD47, that otherwise would stop the body's immune system from attacking tumors.
It also boosts operatory efficiency by removing a potential tripping hazard and reducing issues with dental teams having to work around extended hose runs. This will better position them to advise clinicians during ultrasonic insert or tip (UIT) purchases. The outermost layer of calculus is briefly touched upon rather than removed — a process that makes detection and removal difficult when the patient returns for more definitive therapy.
The use of slow, controlled movements and overlapping strokes will help cleanly remove all root accretions.
And sales executives must be savvy enough about diagnostics to help their customers deal with whatever endodontic mysteries walk into their offices. Bender Division of Endodontics at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, asserts that the key to predictable endodontic treatment begins with a correct pulpal and periapical diagnosis. Thermal testing may involve the application of ice sticks or heat to gauge sensitivity and to help identify inflamed pulp, which is helpful in determining which tooth is causing pain when the patient is unsure. The intensity is increased until the stimulus elicits a pulpal response that, according to manufacturers, is below human pain thresholds. As Barnett explains, "Pulse oximetry uses a probe that transmits red and infrared light through the tissue. This modality, often relying on high-intensity LED fiber optics, involves shining a light on a nonsuspect tooth for baseline information, and then on the suspect tooth.
When I graduated dental school in 1984, we saw cracked teeth, but nothing to the degree we see it today. If you serve the laboratory market, you have experienced monumental technology changes firsthand. Manufacturers need to do a better job of collaborating with software companies and distributors on the front end.
As you become more a problem-solver and less a promoter, your credibility will rise, and so will your sales.
The sales team then takes on the heavy lifting — pursuing leads, qualifying customers, delivering the message, and relentlessly following up until the sale is made. Offered in A1, A2, A3 and A3.5 shades, the glass ionomer provides high levels of fluoride release that inhibit caries and contribute to successful long-term outcomes. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sterilization guidelines — features internal and external chemical indicators. Available in a variety of flavors, the gluten-free gel comes in 16-ounce bottles that provide up to 100 applications. Housed within a titanium body, the handpiece features cellular glass optics, ceramic bearings and NSK's Clean Head System, which prevents oral fluids and other contaminants from entering the head. Able to record twodimensional and three-dimensional images, the CEREC Omnicam captures half-arch or fullarch impressions with impressive speed. As detailed in my April column (available here), during a recent meeting between the Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) and FDA, the administration's staff gave a presentation about the dangers of excessive radiation.
The DTA will continue to meet with FDA officials to make sure our members' voices are heard in this process. He serves on numerous boards and advisory committees, including the Give Kids a Smile Program, National Dental Association and Santa Fe Group. Company Foundation Community Service Grants Program has pledged $120,000 over two years for dental hygiene outreach efforts that improve access to care, raise awareness about the importance of preventive services, and promote healthy self-care regimens.
The researchers believe that by blocking production of CD47, the body's natural defense mechanisms would be permitted to destroy cancer cells.
In addition, they will be perceived as trusted partners who seek to help practitioners achieve the best outcomes for their patients. They are advised to visualize each vertical channel receiving definitive therapy before proceeding to the next channel. Definitive periodontal debridement in limited segments promotes patient awareness of areas that are healthy versus those which are inflamed. Bender Division of Endodontics at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, in many cases CBCT has led to diagnoses that are much more accurate than those based on conventional periapical X-rays. You can probably formulate more than 80% of your diagnosis just by listening to the patient. A recent study, however, found laser Doppler flowmetry to be a more reliable and effective method than pulse oximetry and EPT in assessing the pulpal status of human teeth. And the cause of pain can be difficult to diagnose: Is it a tooth problem, temporomandibular joint problem or a systemic disease? The light can be installed in six mounting configurations, and features versatile, three-axis rotation for maximum positioning flexibility. The FDA has reached out to industry to promote the responsible use of radiography, and limit exposure to appropriate clinical indications.
Price is a founding member of the Industry Advisory Board for the Journal of the American Dental Association. The clinician should begin instrumenting each channel at the coronal edge, and move apically with overlapping horizontal and oblique strokes within the channel until the soft tissue attachment is reached. Additionally, the presence of Gram-negative periodontal pathogens below a tightened gingival margin represents a prime environment for abscess formation.10 The FMD approach is also troublesome because patients who think their inflammation has dramatically subsided following initial or gross debridement may not return for additional treatment.
The contrast between these treated and nontreated areas provides incentive to continue therapy. Thankfully, modern endodontic diagnostic technology is relatively painless and noninvasive.
The best way to assess this is with a systematic diagnostic protocol and doing it the same way for every patient: subjective exam, objective exam, and then putting everything together and assimilating that into a differential diagnosis and, finally, a treatment plan.
Add to this digital impressions and the electronic transfer of lab prescriptions from dental offices, and you have a lot of information to absorb and retain. Printed with lead-free ink on medicalgrade paper, the pouches are reportedly easy to peel and seal.
As is the case when using overlapping strokes with bladed hand instruments, effective ultrasonic instrumentation requires comprehensive coverage of root surfaces2,3 — a practice that can easily be compromised by indiscriminant movement of the UIT. A recent study, however, has indicated that the use of pulse oximetry with custom- made tooth probes may become a routine clinical test in the future. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that nearly half of adults over 30 suffer from some form of gum disease, and nearly one in four children under the age of five has caries. Hard or tenacious subgingival calculus should be instrumented with slow, deliberate movements, covering approximately 3 to 5 mm per second.
The clinician should begin at the outermost edge of the deposit, using the tip of the UIT to fracture the bulk of the deposit, and then follow with slow, sweeping strokes.3 The purpose of this technique is to permit adequate energy transfer to the deposit for complete removal. Unfortunately, this can (and often does) result in burnishing the deposit so that the operator can no longer detect it, thus leaving residual, burnished calculus to attract more plaque.

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