Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. I thought of that definition when I saw these photos posted by a sheriff in Portland Oregon that show more vividly than anyone can describe the destructive effects of meth. My 6-year-old, having those famed Kindergarten movie tastes, has been asking to go see the new Kevin James film, “The Zookeeper.”  So when I saw that National Geographic’s Marc Silver wrote an article entitled, “Why ‘The Zookeper’ Shouldn’t Listen to Animal Advice About Love,” you know I had to click. Reality Check: This is not a technique monkeys use to attract mates, though recent studies show that male monkeys try to attract females by urinating on themselves.

I find it really weird that as a kid i used to go to skool past an Insa tag, or on the train everyday.
The cast of Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places are about to do it again!!  This time we are taking the message to Philander Smith College-One of the most Prestigious HBCU's in the state!! You don't want to miss this awesome Gospel stage play that is bringing deliverance in the lives of so many!!See you there!!!
So roaring loudly could help attract a mate, since the goal of mating, after all, is to produce healthy offspring.
They asked INSA, the infamous London-based artist, to do an installation and exhibition with his trademark pieces.

My mates were into graffing and knew him and i would see photos of his stuff, being none the wiser that in years to come he would be as strong as ever.

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