Why are you asking me for personal information?We collect personal information including your contact and demographic information for the purposes of identification, account administration and display of personalised content and advertising. 1,000 men and women in the UK were asked to choose the best features of famously beautiful actresses, singers, and models to build the perfect female face. Women, on the other hand, preferred a stronger nose and forehead with strong brows and narrow bone structure. Both genders agreed that actress Mila Kunis had the most alluring eyes (52% of men and 51% of women), and that Megan Fox had the most attractive, defined chin. Of course, both faces chosen by UK participants were extremely similar in that all of the chosen features were from white women and showed very little diversity, with the exception of both Shakira and Frieda Pinto’s hair. Being a lady can be awful tough sometimes, what with the ceaseless glut of media insisting we should be unhappy with our bodies, in order that we buy all kinds of new products to fix our problems, be it makeup, diet books, pricey shampoo, hair removers, gym memberships, crystal implants for our vaginas, etc. But our hackles also raise whenever people disparage thin woman for not feeling burdened by these pressures, too. Which is why we’d like to ask of Britton Delizia, a Las Vegas woman who recently started a Kickstarter to celebrate thin and fit women: what the fuck planet are you living on? Its undeniable that when we stand a skinny, athletic or even average sized female next to a larger (even if less healthy, overweight or obese) female, that unless we live outside of this stigma, we as Americans will assume that the heavier person is funnier, smarter, nicer, and less sexually promiscuous, all because she is not as thin or physically fit than the girl next to her. I think this book will probably upset a few people, i think it will be looked at wrong by some people.. Then this whole project is worth all the time and effort i can possibly afford to put into it. Look, if there was one perfect way to eat, to exercise, to be, then why wouldn’t we all do it? Why can’t we start to realize that a person’s value is not based in their looks (which they have less control over) and more in their temperament, personality, skills, and abilities (all of which they can work on and improve)?
Also, I want to know what part of the world she is living in, because I didn’t know that people had stopped with the verbal abuse and fat-shaming for the larger folk.
She’s from Las Vegas, you know, the place that NEVER has a pool parties filled with mostly thin bikinied babes during the day and thin bodycon dressed ladies at night.

I know it’s a dumb guy question, but yeah, why do women allow scary skinny to be so pushy? Growing up with ginger hair is, basically, a rollercoaster of emotions – here’s what it was like for me. Because your mum was so anxious you’d get bullied at school you didn’t know that anti-ginger prejudice even existed.
Such a load of bollocks that it makes you angry just to think about it – making this a self-fulfilling prophecy. Similarly, your mum saying, “Don’t pursue a life of crime.” Although, to be fair, she would probably say that anyway. That thing you thought was such a pain is going away – and you’re kind of losing your identity. Next articleLadybird Books are 100 years old today: did they really publish this guide to online shopping? Did a bad typography choice mean Coca Cola invited French people to share it with their anus? Donna Summer’s Disco Sausage Quiz Face the Sausage’s quickfire questions about both disco and preserved meats.
Look, little girls really do have a hard time of it, but the last thing they need is more media telling them how the should feel about their bodies. Maybe that makes it easier to callously judge someone on such a shallow basis for evaluation.
Its meant to empower usually heavier set women to believe they are worthy of all the things usually thinner women have, such as being called beautiful often, being photographed in a bathing suit without it being ridiculed, and basically being photographed under any circumstance without weight being a negative factor. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
Beautiful Hollywood women are hot – also, red-haired women (for better or worse) are kind of fetishised.
Since when are positive attributes ascribed to the overweight at a disadvantage to the conventionally attractive?

Maybe we should just accept the bodies we were born with, and spread that acceptance to others?
But what if we start thinking of those bodies as being real and complete human beings, with good and bad traits, and feelings and thoughts that are influenced by others.
Sure, you can take if if you’re a grown-up, but imagine this being chanted at a seven-year-old?
This doesn’t really happen, or at least not near enough to get all aggro about it and make a revenge book.
How about we make books telling them they can be astronauts, presidents and engineers instead?
Maybe because we just haven’t figured it out yet, and probably never will, because of genetic diversity.
Maybe we should realize that many factors influence how a person looks, and that many of those factors are out of the hands of the people who are affected by them. That same genetic diversity that helps prevent our species from becoming so inbred that we start devolving?
I felt incredible shame not being a waif, but that’s not how everyone is meant to be. Why can’t we take all of the time we focus on weight, whether thin or not, and instead spend our time being GOOD PEOPLE and doing good things for others. At the end of the day you won’t be remembered in this world by the number on the scale or your jean size.

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