We have developed this help page to assist you with standard information you may need, It also includes all the frequently asked questions from our customers. Customs clearance can increase the delivery time if your package is held up by customs officials. Time and cost of transit vary depending on where you're located and where your package is coming from and can be considerably high for international destinations.
Before you place an order, you can click the "Calculate shipping cost" link to get the discounted shipping costs to and from any country or region under different shipping methods.

Following is a list of the different international carriers available on GoldYangtze at the moment. If your package is held at customs we will attempt to have it released, if not then there is nothing we can do. If no one is home to recieve your package, then it will be held until you are able to sign for the package. Your job will be to work as a salesperson: you will help customers and check out any purchases.

GoldYangtze  is currently working on some more shipping options, and the day it's available we will tell all our GoldYangtze customers.

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