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Free same day flower delivery across Canada on most orders placed online by 2 pm Eastern time, or 12 noon on weekends. June 14, 2014 by Dawn Boyer 14 Comments I am so excited to share this Bible Study with you.
There is something amazing and special about the heart of a woman.  It is uniquely made to reflect the heart of the Father.
Over the next 15 weeks, my goal is to encourage you, strengthen and equip you.  Ultimately, I hope to challenge you to step out in faith and spread out your arms of grace to share the fruit of God’s intimate restoration of your heart.
I found the treasure trove of promises waiting for me here in Isaiah during an especially difficult time in my life.  I was stuck rooted in the brokenness and barrenness of the situations life and circumstances had presented. We all have broken places that need mending, don’t be afraid to come to the well of hope and drink deep from the water of blessing. The 1st 5 weeks of the study are going to be devoted to the first 4 verses of this chapter which deal specifically with the topic of barrenness.  Let’s take a quick walk through history, to give us insight to the story behind this chapter.
Isaiah,  who lived about the 8th Century BC, spent a lot of time at the royal court, probably related to King Uzziah, but most dominantly involved with King Hezekiah’s reign. The chapter we will be looking at, specifically, comes after he reveals God’s salvation is meant to come through Christ, the Sacrificial Servant.  Isaiah 54 and 55 are both lyrical poems, which foretell God’s restoration of Israel along with all the blessings promised long ago. Isaiah writes about the restoration of Israel after the Babylonian exile in 597 BC, however, many scholars believe that though this prophetic song was initiated with the Babylonian Exile, it was further fulfilled by Christ’s coming, finding full completion with His second coming.
Don’t let the Old Testament Story keep you from grabbing hold of the promise, it is applicable to you today as well!
The chapter holds truths which are both practical and applicable today, as well it was for ancient Israel. Sing, O barren one, you who did not break forth into singing and cry aloud you who did not travail with child. The actions that are suggested are in direct opposition to the reality, or facts presented.

This passage of scripture is calling us to sing because we can believe in a better, more consistent truth. Interestingly something that we can also take from this — there is a spiritual barrenness which usually stems from unbelief and lack of faith. David Guzik’s commentary on Isaiah 54 addresses this concept of hopelessness in a hurting woman.  The Hebrew word for shame, disgrace and humiliated, boshet, is synonymous with disappointed hope. Praying for your heart to be filled with a hope that is no longer held back by empty faith!
This first week of each section may be a little longer than the weeks that follow, but this one was exceptionally long.  Stick with me, though, God has some amazing treasures waiting for you to find. Author, writer and speaker, Dawn is passionate about many things:  God, Family, Prayer, Food, and the Word. For the spiritual children of the desolate one will be more than the children of the married wife, says the Lord.
The honey in Jonathan’s wood never enlightened his eyes until he dipped the point of his rod into it and tasted it.  Try and do the same. She was ridiculed, burdened with shame and disgrace, and mocked.   The load upon her shoulders for her inability to produce was too heavy to bear. God is the one who has the power to rescue, redeem, and restore and He wants us to activate our faith in the bleak and empty spaces in our lives. Sing)- Specifically understand that the command to sing was a response to God’s ability to save us from our distresses, understanding that His deliverance is not restricted or withheld based on our standing or merit.
So if there is an area of your life where you are experiencing barrenness, can I encourage you to step out and believe in the power of His might? He writes, “ Through the centuries, many a hurting woman has taken the promise, ( found in Isaiah 54), for themselves, finding beautiful comfort in its truth.
And I personally really love the look of the blushes, there is one colour that I personally would love to have. Love can be lasting if both the partners involved have a great sense of understanding between them and are mutually compatible. I will be posting a new lesson every Saturday for you to work through and I will also include a link to the pdf download for you at the end of the text.

It is here for you, too, if you’re willing to receive and accept God’s deliverance and abundance.
Like much of scripture, we can see a paradigm that is constantly pointing to Christ and the love of God which is extended towards those who seek him with their whole heart. In reality it had a small beginning.  This verse is speaking to the barren nature of the church, acknowledging the truth that it was not growing or producing. Isaiah is not only speaking prophetically to the enlargement of the church, on the context of the entrance of the gentiles to the body of Christ, but also to everyone who feels barren and unproductive in life. Often it was considered a direct result of some sin which added to her humiliation and shame. Love can last between two people if they continue loving each other with the same intensity and fervor. He is comparing the fruitless condition of Israel to a woman who cannot bear children.   These 1st four verses of this chapter are a call to faith by speaking to the barrenness. It is also a call to respond by believing in the rescuing power of God who will bring resolution to the problem. People who experience lasting love are the most privileged and blessed human beings on earth. It is great to be loved and be a part of a successful relationship which stands the test of time and steers its ways through all the adversities.
Lasting love is a rare occurrence these days but certainly one of the very special experiences that anyone can have. Lasting love is all about the two partners involved and their level of commitment towards each other which makes it happen.

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