Love BINGO was a really fun way to learn about both the bride and the groom, and everyone loved it! I saved all the BINGO cards so I can play this again at another shower. I was put in charge of games, which in my experience seems to be the job given to out-of-towners. Then, number slips of paper 1-16 and write one question on each paper with the answer for either the bride or the groom.

I love more 'customized' bridal shower games that let people get to know the couple better! I will respond via email and also occasionally in the post thread if you are asking a question that other readers might be interested in. I've done games at a few showers now, and let's be honest: bridal shower games can get old quick.

My bridal showers are right around the corner, and I will be sending this post to the hosts for sure.

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