One Sunday afternoon, while your lover is watching a movie they badly wanted to catch on the telly, if an emergency comes up and you need your mate’s assistance to complete it.
Comes right away to help you, grins sheepishly a bit, and comments once about how cutely irritating you can be. If you feel threatened by your mate’s friend who’s quite hot, and you voice your thoughts to your mate. You come home from work with good tidings, and announce to your mate that you’ve got a major promotion. Congratulates you and talks about how hard it is for them to get a promotion, even though they work so hard. They sit down with you and try finding the best option, even if your mate is quite bad at it. Your mate listens, but usually tells you to figure it out yourself because they can’t understand your stuff.

Das ist ein Quiz, in dem ihr rausfinden konnt, ob ihr vielleicht ConCrafters Traumfrau seid? After much bickering and disagreement among our editorial staff, we finally settled on a definitive ranking of every single Panic! Structured around iconic video game Monument Valley, this video has Brendon chasing a pretty lady through multiple levels and looking classy af while doing so. There's something about seeing Brendon Urie fighting the things that are holding him down that we can all relate to. Your partner may tell you that they love you a lot, and can’t imagine what they would do without you.
You’ve got better things to do on a weekend than worry about someone who’s feigning sickness. Bitte benutzen Sie einen neueren Browser oder aktivieren Sie Google Chrome Frame um besser diese Seite benutzen zu konnen.

At The Disco music video (other than equally compelling extras like "It's Almost Halloween" and "The Overture"). This Vices & Virtues track uses theatrical Singing in the Rain-inspired choreography that makes us all want to join right in. Across five albums and various lineups, the band has released 20 separate music videos, each with a distinctive style and theme, just like their records. Here they are, presented in order from worst to best—but really, is there a worst P!ATD video?

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