The stars that appear on the cover of Seventeen each month aren't just a bunch of pretty faces — they're doing all kinds of amazing things as well! Exercise alone will not tame the muffin top, but strengthening the muscles underneath the body fat that hangs around the waist is a great way to start.
I'm not really into that much equipment, but this is a diverse piece that really is a good gym staple along with free weights, yoga mat, resistance bands and a jump rope.

Hilary Duff is not only an actress who successfully grew beyond her Lizzie McGuire TV character to star in feature films, but she also released three platinum albums, her own clothing and jeans line for DKNY, and a perfume collection with Elizabeth Arden. Along with a healthy diet and a regular doses of cardio, this BOSU workout will show some love to your love handles. But she doesn't just give money — she's closely involved in charities that give her a hands-on opportunity to work with youth.

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