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Charles Bukowski, born in 1920, began writing at a young age and was first published in the 1940s.
Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionThis collection of Neruda's most essential poems will prove indispensable.
Being a fan of Pablo Neruda's poetry, I wanted to get my hands on The Essential Neruda to take a look at more of his work. I am a huge fan of Pablo's and have 7 of his books, his love poems are second to none, he writes with such emotion, his way with words is breathtaking and he writes with passion and his poems are sensual, romantic and beautiful.
While I wanted to come to know the poetry of Neruda and the recognition he received during his life, I found them syrupy and sophomoric. I was hoping this would have both the original Spanish and translated English versions; instead it is English only. This is a wonderful romantic poetry book, Pablo has a way with words that gives you images in your mind and you'll forget everything else around you as you're absorbed into the dream world he has created in your mind.
I am a huge fan of Pablo's I have 7 of his books and find his breathtaking way with words beautiful. I love that this book includes the original Spanish as well as the English translation on pages opposite each other.
This book is full of wonderful love poems, descriptive, full of passion and in one word - beautiful! This is a pocket sized book full of passion and romance written in English and Spanish (very handy if you're learning Spanish!) The poems are set out so that the Spanish poem is on the left hand page and the English translation is on the right hand page. The other reviews aren't really about the poems in the book, which are great, and I like the design of the cover. I had read some of Neruda's works, but I wanted a large collection that surveyed a wide range of his output.
I was incredibly excited to get a hardcover of this at a thrift store, in nearly brand new condition, for fifty cents. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionIn his long life as a poet, Pablo Neruda succeeded in becoming what many poets have aspired to but never achieved: a public voice, a voice not just for the people of his country but for his entire continent. Pablo Neruda and Octavio Paz are among the greatest Latin American Poets of the 20th century. Neruda's images can be allusive and clear at the same time. This is a wonderful collection of poems by Neruda in a bilingual edition.I'm planning to use it in a course I'm teaching in Fall '08.
I was a rookie when it comes to reading stylized writings like that of Pablo Neruda.I ordered the book as a friend suggested thinking it would be an impressive addition to my library not realizing that I would really enjoy his deep, thought-provoking and yet whimsical poems.My recommendation is to try it, you'll like it!! Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionPremio Nobel de Literatura“El mas grande poeta del siglo xx en cualquier idioma”. Editorial ReviewProduct Description On the Blue Shore of Silence celebrates the centenary of the birth of Pablo Neruda, one of the most widely read and best-loved poets of the twentieth century. Anyone who deeply appreciates Pablo Neruda's mastery and talent will love this exquisite collection of poems matched with sublime abstract art images.
This is a beautiful translation of Neruda with gorgeous artwork.I gave it as a gift to a friend.
The coast of California, where Mary Heebner lives, is so parallel in its geography, blueness, and diverse forms of the shores from rocks to cliffs to wide sand to Neruda's mar at Isla Negra where he'd look out at that same Pacific ocean to form his poems. Like other reviewers, I like Neruda and enjoyed the film in which these poems are featured. Editorial ReviewProduct Description"Chilean Pablo Neruda is Latin America's greatest poet and one of the finest ever to have written in the Spanish language. Editorial ReviewProduct DescriptionAdam Feinstein's book is the first English-language biography of the Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. In agreement with the other Kindle version review, i have to say that the electronic version is very poor.There are frequent misspellings and sloppy formatting (repeated sentences, random indentation) that prompted me to return the copy only one chapter in. This is a well written book covering Neruda's life en total withoutpulling any punches regarding his idiosyncracies.Fascinating accounts of his travels, personal life, and political exile. More than thirty years ago, I gave a copy of Neruda's "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair to the woman who would later become my wife. In 1933 Albert Skira, a young publisher of elegant art books, released the first two issues of a periodical which, though it would only last for 6 years, remains to this day one of the most impressive publications of its kind ever produced.
In any case, populist as the periodical form is, and impressive as this particular undertaking was, there seems no decent centralized source on the internet to look at Minotaure in greater detail. Then Bukowksi gave up writing for the world of work and bars, not publishing, not writing, so the myth goes, for nearly twenty years. After reading Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, I fell in love with the poet. The Essential Neruda contains 50 of Neruda's poems, not all of them about love.
It's wonderful to go back and forth, line to line, reading the English translations first, then the original Spanish.Translations are fluid!A fantastic way to introduce yourself to one of the greatest poets of all time! This intimate bilingual collection overflows with the master poet's signature sensuality and inventive imagery.

He has even inspired me to make my work more sensual! With lines like "Your body is smooth as stones in the water; your kisses are clusters of fruit, fresh with dew" you will be transported into dreamland!
The translations retain all the beauty of the language and the poems themselves are excellent.
I did appreciate their being side-by-side, English and Spanish so I was able to practice my Spanish translation. Maybe it's because I am much older and the more current poetry, more edgy. I love poetry but am very fussy about what I like as some poetry can be boring but Pablo's is wonderful. The book itself is very attractive, and a nice small size which is just right to keep in a purse or take on a trip.
In his introduction, Ilan Stavans situates Neruda in his native milieu as well as in a contemporary English-language one, and a group of new translations by leading poets testifies to Neruda's enduring, vibrant legacy among English-speaking writers and readers today. Why someone threw it away I have no idea. And while it's a large selection and for the most part is very good, it has some issues, first and foremost, inconsistency in translations. I bought the soundtrack and discovered the poems being read by actors.Finally I discovered this book and am glad I purchased it.
While Neruda craved the clarity rendered by an examined life, he refused to be corralled by the rational mind.
Are all sevens equal?"and "In the end, won't death be an endless kitchen?"While perhaps never having read C.S. Widely translated, he probably reached more readers than any poet in history; justly so, for, as he often said, his "poet's obligation" was to become a voice for all those who had no voice, an aspiration that stemmed from his long-time commitment to the communist faith.
It contains the majority of his best poems, and it has a few translators (but not too many, four altogether) so we can say how different peoples interpretations read differently. He finds beauty in the ordinary and beyond it, in the concrete and in the feelings, in the spirit and in the physical being. Even if Spanish is not your mother language, you can feel all the powerfull emotions artistically crafted in every single word, line and poem.
A perfect gift for collectors of fine poetry as well as those who enjoy unique, bilingual, contemporary editions.
Mary is able to capture that intrinsic beauty of his sea and his poetry in this wonderful book of art. The poems collected in this book are at the heart of the film Il Postino, a cinematic fantasy spun from an apocryphal incident in the life of the Chilean poet and Nobel laureate, Pablo Neruda.
The Peruvian poet Cesar Vallejo, part Indian and born in a mining village, ranks not far below Neruda.
Relating Neruda's remarkable life story and delving into the literary legacy of the man Gabriel Garcia Marquez called "the greatest poet of the twentiehth-century-in any language," Feinstein uncovers the details of this icon's artistic output, political engagement, friendships with a pantheon of important 20th-century artistic and political figures, and many loves. All these years later, I still read Neruda's poems aloud to her, and I am still nourished in the autumn of my own life by the rich array of poetry that this great writer produced from his adolescence to old age. It was called Minotaure and the reasons it is damned near legendary are simple– lavish production values of a quality unseen previously, and contributors who, from the editors to the essayists to the artists, went on to storm the hallowed annals of history.
The publishers set themselves the difficult task of bearing witness to the different movements in contemporary art, through text and image, demonstrating the interaction between the visual arts, literature, and science. One can easily imagine that even the snot-nosed kid who delivered baguettes and wine to the magazine’s offices went on to sell his dirty underpants at auction for a record breaking sum. Ten of those years were spent roaming from odd job to odd roominghouse from the East coast to the West.
All Rights Reserved.The Poems and Quotes on this site are the property of their respective authors.
An impressive group of translators that includes Alistair Reid, Stephen Mitchell, Robert Haas, Jim Harrison, Stephen Kessler and Jack Hirschman, have come together to revisit or completely retranslate the poems; and a handful of previously untranslated works are included as well. These brief poems are composed entirely of 316 unanswerable questions, and integrate the wonder of a child with the experiences of an adult.This new edition has a new, attractive format and an updated introduction by translator William O'Daly.
Born in 1904 in the rainy south of Chile, he enjoyed from an early age the luck of attention.
Se convirtio inmediatamente en una de las colecciones de poesia mas leidas, estableciendo a Neruda como una de las mas singulares voces de la poesia en espanol del siglo XX. Estos fueron los versos de amor que iluminaron toda mi adolescencia y juventud, and now, in my third age, they still move me. That it contains only ten poems in Spanish together with their English translations is no mark against it. So impressed was I, that while having innumerable books by Neruda, and his posthumously published memoirs, I still went out and obtained Obras Completas through a bookstore in Madrid.
This selection sets the standard for a general, high--quality introduction to Neruda's complete oeuvre.Pablo Neruda was born in Chile in 1904. I love reading Neruda's work in Spanish, it is painfully beautiful. There is definitely something lost in translation, the feel of the work is a bit different when read in English. As he says, his sonnets are made of wood, rather than the "silver, or crystal, or cannonfire" of a more refined sonnet. This collection succeeds admirably in providing readers with as comprehensive as a survey as there is in the English language. Fortunately, it's mostly hit, but I was sad to see that "Ode to Enchanted Light," one of my favorite Neruda poems, was butchered in the translation.

I found a review in the New York Book Review on the web by the poet Charles Simic which explains my thoughts perfectly: "As one would expect from an undertaking aiming to be so comprehensive in scope, The Poetry of Pablo Neruda is an uneven book. They are enigmatic, at times surreal, leaving you lost in labyrinths of deep thought, or in abstract bewilderment. One of his first books, Twenty Love Poems, became a bible for lovers in the Spanish language, and confirmed him in his poet's vocation. In my opinion, Neruda is the best poet to ever live, he's addicting to read and truly a voice of the people, and this is the best volume of his work.
Incluso leido hoy, sigue sorprendiendo por su sincera descripcion del amor y el sexo. Tan pasional y hermosa como Veinte poemas de amor y una cancion desesperada, Cien sonetos de amor incluye algunos de los mas sensuales e intensos poemas de Pablo Neruda. At times passionate and at other times peaceful, the poems chosen for this collection -- presented in bilingual format -- are meant to offer readers the experience of what it would have been like to sit with Neruda at Isla Negra, the view of the sea endless, the pulse of the waves, eternal. Neruda loved how he'd walk barefoot all around his house and the beach at Isla Negra barefoot. Few writers of any age have described the pleasures and torments of erotic love with such un-sentimental directness and sensual precision. If you have a true love that was lost, or are just passionate about life, by all means read Neruda's poetry. That it was rushed into print in order to cash in on the film's appeal did not prevent me from buying it. Here is a man whose generosity and determination saved the lives of hundreds of refugees from war-torn Spain. Now in a black-spine Classics edition, this book stands as an essential collection that continues to inspire lovers and poets around the world.
There are a few other duds throughout, translators who knew nothing of Neruda or his flow. Some people have complained that it isn't side by side bilingual, but this isn't too much of a problem for me. There are first-rate translations by John Felstiner, Margaret Sayers Peden, Jack Schmitt, Greg Simon, Alastair Reid and a dozen others alongside many mediocre ones. At the same time he pursued a lifelong career as a diplomat, serving in a series of consular posts in the Far East and Europe. Aunque publicada treinta y cinco anos mas tarde, retiene la ingenuidad y la intensa pasion del joven Neruda, mezclada con la sagaz mirada de un hombre que lo ha visto todo. Here, too, we find Neruda at his most accessible, the language of his odes and lyrics refined to the point at which it achieves, in critic Jean Franco's words, "the naturalness of song". The author does an outstanding job of giving us the most objective portrait of Neruda, not hiding the blemishes. Yet here, too, is the man who abandoned his first wife and their developmentally delayed daughter, betrayed all of his wives, and shamefully continued to embrace Stalin's legacy long after many of his peers were humbled by the recognition of Stalin's evil. I'm a sucker for sad poetry about love and heartache. Though Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair remains my favorite collection of Neruda's poetry, I'm glad I read The Essential Neruda. The collection spans his entire career and focuses on what are generally considered Neruda's best works. I love the fact that there are only occasional poems with the Spanish translation available. While it would be nice, it would also cause the book to be over 2,000 pages, and it's already huge. My final thought is that while it's not perfect, it's a good book.
I'm not competent to judge the accuracy of individual translations, but I can compare their quality as poems since there are previous renderings of the same poems which seem to me far superior to the ones we have here.
In 1971, while serving as Chilean ambassador to France, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.
This short selection draws on work from throughout his writing life, from the famous early collection Twenty Love Songs & a Song of Despair (1924) to the key works of his maturity, Residence on Earth (1935), Elemental Odes (1954) and the autobiographical Memorial de Isla Negra (1964). What I most enjoyed about Feinstein's biography, however, is the way in which Neruda's poetry is charted in the context of his adult developmental. I love this because I only read in English, however, I do enjoy reading the occasional Spanish poem out loud to hear the rhythm and to improve my language just a little.
I certainly wouldn't pay $40 for it (the hardback cover price), but buying a paperback or a used hardback would be a good move for lovers of Neruda.
For instance, neither of the two versions of "Walking Around" in this book are as good as the one I quoted by H.R. It seems that we usually get either a complete bilingual edition, or a complete monolingual edition.
As their worst, the translations do not convey the stylistic range and verbal integunity of the original, making Neruda sound instead like a Chilean Carl Sandburg. The choice of poems is also at times debatable. Algunas veces apasionados, otras veces serenos, los poemas de este libro -- presentado en formato bilingue -- ofrecen al lector la posibilidad de imaginarse lo que habria sido sentarse con Neruda en Isla Negra frente al mar infinito, oyendo el eterno ir y venir de las olas. On another interesting note, some of the poems offer more than one translation, along with the Spanish original to compare them with. I like this because it will help me to select which translators to read in the future. Now that I am almost finished with this volume, I can't wait to get all of the complete translations as individual books, assuming that no one does come out with a complete works in English.

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