Mother is most important person of our home, we never say thanks to her because of her too much work and care for us. Use these love quotes and sayings wisely to wish your MOM impressively by adding some creativity. Prepare a song or a short poem for your mother and try to personalize it by adding your names in between the stanzas. These love quotes are best way to convey your feelings and gratitude to your Mother that we miss somewhere in our daily life because of busy routines. Author of blog inspired by Romeo and Juliet ( love tragedy written by William Shakespeare).
Thank you so my sis Patty,I am so pleased you enjoyed the mother's day picture poem.Nothings too good for our mothers, whether alive or inHeaven. Hi my Prince, I read your love from your mom and NanaIt was so beautiful and devoted with love.

Hi Joelle,Thank you so much for the sweet comment and mom's arewell loved for all they do and the love they give.Many hugs and God Bless always.
THANK YOU LITTLE SISTER IREINA,SO THOUGHTFUL OF YOU AND THANK YOU FOR THE 10, TOO!MANY HUGS AND GOD BLESS ALWAYS. She works for us in the whole year and we selected only one day to say “Hi, MOM, I am wishing you very Happy Mother’s day”.
If you fade-up with normal greeting cards and every year in the same way then try something new this year.
I will suggest you not to waste your time with friends on this Sunday, dedicate your whole day to your Mom and share your old memories with your family and enjoy this event. Like, bake a cake or MOM’s favorite sweet dish and write your wishes on it with cream or liquid chocolate. I am sure you will find one of the best quote or lines from these shared quotes that touched your MOM’s heart.

Make beautiful greeting card with your hands using some pencil colors and card-board as you do in your childhood. Here in this post I design some unique graphics and collected some mothers day love quotes for your greeting cards. As an eagle takes to the sky, & swoops down from on high, love for mama's will neevr die!!!

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