Being true to yourself means that you are doing what you feel is right or what makes you happy, no matter how much you may be pressured to change this.
Have you ever wondered why we are all here on earth at the same time, and why you get to meet certain people and others will be strangers until your last breath.
If you could love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you could love the right one.
Phil Collins returns to the top of the Adult Contemporary charts with his latest single, Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try). If your parents expect you to be a doctor but you enjoy playing the piano and this is your true desire in life then being true to yourself would mean a career in music instead of medicine. Well God allows us to meet the people that lead you to your purpose, even the ones that were trying to drag you down.

When you do what makes you happy then you will be more successful and stay true to what you believe in. You are going to ask me how the ones that tried to stop me from my spiritual path are helping me for my purpose.
They made you realize how much you want it, how much you are willing to push to get to your dreams, how far you would go to reach them. Take the time to answer those questions in writing, you probably have thought about them a thousand times, but when you stop and take the time to write the answers, you will be more clear about the next steps you need to take to get to achieve your goals and dreams.
And the ones that are sent to you to help you, will become like angels in your life, pushing you softly to the right direction, enlightening your path and ,while they are helping you, believe it o r not you are helping them to; to walk in their own path.
Be clear about what your heart desires and who it is living for and you will be clear about your destination.

It becomes a place where we are all angels to each other, helping each other to be directed and to walk in our own spiritual path, but those path are not individual to each other.
All of our path is like a spider web, we are all connected to each other, and sometimes we cross each others path and other times they are just parallel to each other.

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