Tyler Perry’s new TV show, If Loving You Is Wrong, premieres on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Tuesday, September 9 with two back-to-back episodes. This week’s If Loving You is Wrong episode picks back up with Marcie and Brad about to commit adultery.
Speaking of Edward, when Brad arrives back in his office from the hospital, Ed is there waiting for him so he can talk to him about the Randal situation. Then things switch back to Alex’s house where she, Kelly, Natalie, and Esperanza are all in attendance.
Tina & Richard Lawson Get Cutesy On Their Way To Dinner + Mariah Carey — Lee Daniels Is The FRAGILE B*TCH! Tyler Perry has done it again, with his newest OWN original series, “If Loving You is Wrong”.
This week’s premiere made it the network’s most watched series premiere honor with 1.93 million viewers. Our pages are updated daily so you're always in the know with what's going on in pop culture news. Much like Tyler Perry’s recent new drama “The Haves and Have Nots” it seems that “If Loving You Is Wrong” will take us all on a roller coaster ride we will never forget . Marcie was leaving her and Randal’s house when she decided, instead of getting into her car, to go pay Alex a visit. While all that’s going on, Edward and Lushion were at work when Lushion brought up Edward stealing the money and drugs from Quan. Back at the neighborhood, Randal was getting his mail when Alex so happened to come outside for the same thing. Then we get back to Esperanza’s house, where they are still waiting for the tow truck. Back in the police car, Edward is taunting Lushion, calling him weak and telling him what happens to guys like him who try to do the right thing. Speaking of Eddie, he was at Brad’s office, upset that he didn’t sleep with Marcie!
Back at the burger joint, Joey is having a thuggish staring contest with Quan and his squad. Outside, some guys start driving by with guns, right past Lushion and Edward – Lushion gets what’s going on! Is there a single person who watches this show that doesn’t think Randal is Alex’s baby daddy?
The primetime soap opera follows five very different women who live in the same neighborhood. Although Variety’s Brian Lowry called Haves “so bad it could damage Oprah’s message of empowerment,” Perry is confident of the inevitable success of If Loving You Is Wrong.
Even more trouble is brewing beneath the surface now that the law and medicine has been involved.

When they get there her doctor comes and checks her out and says that everything is fine, but she needs to take better care of herself(she admits that she hasn’t really been eating or sleeping). Natalie tries to talk to him about the crazy situation with Randal and Edward, but he tells her he can handle him – he possibly could even help. Edward tells Brad what to say to the police if they come and question him about what happened. When Marcie gets home, Randal is all upset and asking her where she was – she told him this story about how she went and committed adultery with Brad. Episode one begins with a steamy session with who we later find out are Randal and Alex, two family friends having an affair behind their unknowing spouses backs. All of Alex’s friends believe she is pregnant and ask her to consider to take a pregnancy test. The entire episode is full of surprises and leaves you just as much on edge as the characters of the show are on edge from scene to scene in fear that their biggest secrets will be unveiled.
More drama is let loose, while we get to catch back up with one of the characters from last season.
Lushion was in the house, just checking out the fridge, when Joey storms in and starts yelling and pushing him.
Alex causally opened the door, but when she realized that it was Marcie, you could see all kinds of fear in her face! When they saw each other, they froze for a second, but then Alex snapped out of it and walked away. He tries to make small talk by asking how she is and how Brad is treating her, but Alex goes off! Haves and If Loving You aren't the kind of uplifting inspirational programs Oprah may have imagined for her network, but Haves scored the highest ratings in OWN’s brief history(it debuted with 1.77 million viewers).
Marcie tries to keep it going, but they both eventually wind up agreeing that the whole situation is wrong and instead sit down and talk about the affairs. Just when Kelly and Alex are about to breathe a sigh of relief, the doctor tells them that she called Brad and he’ll be there shortly. She fills them in on she and Brad’s status and all the questioning he put her though a couple episodes ago. After ending another moment in their affair, Randal’s wife Marcie comes in surprising them both. Unbeknownst to her, Brad has recently had a vasectomy leading her to believe she may be pregnant by Randal. Marcie wasted no time and went in on Alex, telling her how wrong she was for what she did and acting like she was her friend all at the same time.
He tried to get her to answer a few questions about Edward, but she ain’t saying nothing!
She tells him how she’s not okay, how everything is falling apart, and how she wishes she and him never happened.

While he’s talking to Brad about rethinking being a good guy, Lushion comes in and tells Edward that they have a call. They agree to be friends and end their visit with a nice hug and the understanding that they can lean on each other for support.
Brad went IN on her about everything that happened at the hospital and how he really isn’t sure about the baby still. Marcie still does not seem to connect that there is a secret relationship going on between the two and proceeds to tell her husband that she is ovulating and wants to have a baby right away. Next, we are introduced to Kelly who’s fiance is overseas doing “missionary work”; however, he has begun to act strangely as if he’s no longer interested in coming home. And when all of that is said and done, Tyler Perry leaves us with an unforgettable – and unbelievable – plot twist! Joey calls Lushion a dirty cop and tells them that Quan told him that Lushion stole his money.
Marcie feels like she has him where she wants him, so she starts aggravating him, asking him if he’s gonna cry(kind of looked like he wanted to) and what did he think about what she did. As she was walking in the house, Brad was walking out the house to his car, where he spotted Randal looking.
Then she tells him she never wants to talk to him again and to stop contacting her and hangs up.
Julius confronts him about the money he owes and tells the boys to handle him since he can’t pay it. Natalie is dealing with a son who’s in prison and Esperanza is dealing with an abusive ex-husband. Then she tells Randal that he needs to tell Marcie the truth and that she’s really done talking to him this time for good.
Then all of a sudden Brad asks her about doing DNA tests and determining race before birth. Lushion once again tells him not to worry about it, because he’s gonna take care of it (remember, Edward is the one who took the money).
Then she told Alex that Randal loves her, which is why she will always hate Alex – poor Marcie. So then she was stuck with him in her driveway, her car blocked, waiting for the towers to come pick his car up.
Instead of them doing damage to Quan, Julius tells him that instead of paying the money back, he can just kill Edward and his debt will be cleared.

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