A special thanks to my G+ family for your continued support, kind words, plusses, and shares of my artwork and photography. I was browsing through my iPhoto albums and decided to rework several pics into an original piece. Back in January, I posted that I would re-release my writings online in alphabetical order on a sporadic basis.
It is no secret that my feelings and comments made about the Bush administration, as well as the entire Middle East conflict, still ring true for me today.
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To date, my personal G+ venture Creativity Project 2012 has been dead-on schedule with no missed days or lapses (health issues had sidelined me from finishing a similar project in the first quarter of 2011). Being able to express my sentiments and have them touch the hearts of people who have experienced war firsthand was very humbling. My heart and prayers go out to the many other military families who are still engaged in this monstrosity.

And I’ve also been sharing my experience as a regular contributor to the Creative 366 Project hosted by Takahiro Yamamoto as well.

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