Ok so first of all, we have all heard of GoDaddy – whether its for TV ad campaigns, online advertising or through controversial news stories that have hit the media.
Selection – Godaddy has about a million and a half templates, because each template option also comes in a range of different colors. There are also 120 premade webistes, meaning that everything is already done, you just tweak a bit here or there so that your company name is onsite and your details are all accounted for.
Multimedia – Godaddy’s done pretty well here, there’s a built in photo album and video, audio, animations…all well done.
They have slowly improved their web builder service since the first launch but still need to tweak areas in order to compete with the likes of Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. The drawback is that you won’t get many perks or features unless you pay the top end package. Facebook, Twitter & FlickR are easily integrated with your site, and GoDaddy even offers the awesome feature of helping you design your Facebook fan page.
GoDaddy has a decent range of their own widgets (weather, maps, news, clocks, event planner…), plus you can add external ones.

There are basic SEO capabilities, but considering you’re paying for your site no matter what, I was somewhat disappointed with the SEO capabilities. GoDaddy makes e-commerce super easy and comfortable, and especially with the deluxe version, you get a great package with strong tools. You can, in theory, use Google Adsense and Banners, but because you don’t have access to HTML for the whole site, you have to go to each individual content block. The Godaddy Website Tonight control panel has a lot of components which are not present in other website builder’s editors. This may seem daunting at first, but once your choose your template or a pre-built website to modify it becomes smooth sailing.
Godaddy offers a secure hosting platform with full back-up in case of disaster and if you’re a newbie you can use their hosting concierge to put you through the process and help with your website hosting. Other than the fact that there is no free package, GoDaddy offers a motherload of “free” features (like Advertising). As in, any HTML you try to play around with will only work if you’re really lucky.  They do have a fantastic range of images though.

For example, you won’t find a free plan but you can benefit from a low cost paid plan at ?1 per month, which is great but does come with its own problems.
However the top package does offer some incredibly good features and only costs ?6.49 per month.
They offer strong phishing scam filtering and you can be rest assured your site is secured and protected from attacks.
Most of the templates are, shall we say, dated.  They just look kind of old and tacky to me.  But hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? The top package offers business themes, SEO packages, mobile sites, good bandwidth and storage specs, and a handy 1 year SSL certificate that you wont find at many other website builders. However, the paid packages are very well priced and you do get a few extra things thrown in.

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