You cannot pack up a mobile website with the same elements you would put on a traditional one, just smaller, hoping that they would work the same way. Make each section title clear so people would understand rapidly what you are talking about, mobile users are easily discouraged when they can’t find the information they are looking for.
Keep it short and try to give only relevant information, cut the clutter off, people won’t spend much time reading on a mobile phones. Use mobile specific keywords you want to position (some sites build with mobile templates like the ones Onbile offers are SEO optimized and make this automaticly). Be cautious when using jQuery scrips, not every device has the advanced technology required to support them.
Interesting article, this is very useful for people that are begining to build their mobile site.
Mobile technology takes a leading position, especially in the search of products and services in real time. Besides from being free, Onbile offers mobile-optimized templates in their structure and according to the contents we would like to include, in order to make it easier to get found on the main search engines. To make sure that people can find your restaurant, we recommend that you register it on Google and Facebook Places, but the best solution is to create a mobile website adapted to every mobile device and every screen resolution. The success of mobile websites is due to how the information is distributed and what contents are shown – only key data. You can also include special offers for nearby customers or for those who make check-in at your business. For restaurants is sinceresly very interesting, I always search for a cute restaurant through iPhone and no one is adapted to mobile screens! I’m doing my mobile website with the professional version of Onbile and we’re very proud with the results, we are increasing our clients since a couple of weeks!

Incredible how easy is to adapt our restaurant website to those templates, thanks, sinceresly is very useful! This shows why it is important that mobile sites are distinct and separate from the main site. The restaurant mobile template creates an easy way for your patrons to find info about your restaurant. Phones have evolved VERY fast, and in landscape mode + enhanced zoom powered by multi-touch, most websites are fine for anyone who isn’t disabled or lazy. Personally, I’m at the point where even the current Smart Phones in the USA market don’t cut it for me. Adzapting your restaurant’s website (or any kind of business website when it comes to it) available for mobile devices is a very interesting point in my opinion. Adzapting your restaurant’s website (or any kind of business website when it comes to it) to mobile devices is a very interesting point in my opinion. Try to keep texts concise and to the point, people using mobile devices are often on-the-go.
It should be easy to find and when it is possible contain a map (google maps, tomtom…) and a CTC button, so your potential clients could contact you easily.
Try not to overload your website with images, they make the website heavier and slow the loading times.
A lot of people access the internet through their mobile gadgets, if you can make your website mobile-friendly there will be a huge difference in the speed loading time and visitors won’t need to wait long until your website loads. In the case of the catering industry the best decision is to adapt our webpage to mobile devices making easier for the user to find your business and make bookings in a more intuitive way. Mobile screens are too small to display the entire website, so it makes it difficult for us to read and find what we are looking for.

Let users book a table by e-mail or with a click-to-call widget and use the map to place your business.
Some companies are already getting more customers and driving sales thanks to their mobile policies of giving freebies and discounts to those who like their Facebook pages or say that they were in one of their shops.
In order to fit onto the screens and load without overwhelming users’ data limits, mobile sites need to be streamlined and functional. Accessibility for the former is paramount, but the latter could easily meet the development world halfway. Therefore they don’t have much time to spend reading, besides reading on a small screen is not very confortable.
Starbucks, for instance, is one of the top companies in the social media today thanks to their great mobile deals and offers. This can actually be useful for companies, as it means they have to think really carefully about what absolutely needs to go on the mobile site and what they can leave out to make sure it is as efficient as possible. We are talking about usability, one of main ingredients on the recipe for an effective mobile website.
This can, in turn, help businesses to streamline their main sites as they will have a better understanding of vital versus filler content. The answers to these questions will give you important clues on how to create your mobile website.

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