Open world games, with hundreds of missions and miles of terrain tend to have their share of bugs at launch, and even the genre leaders like Rockstar and Bethesda had faced several issues. In an interview with Game Informer, Fallout 4 director Todd Howard, explains that Skyrim’s popularity and the sheer volume of player data in the game created challenges to troubleshooting bugs in the open world. Bethesda announced that Fallout 4, will hit the shelves for the PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10, 2015. Give Fallout 4 A Borderlands Makeover With This Clever Graphics TweakWe will bring you any news about Fallout 4, as soon as it becomes available.

Bethesda Studios had some particular technical problems like crippling framerate issues with the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3. The team had to decide how it was going to identify problems before it could figure out how they happened or why they surfaced at particular times.
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Game Director Todd Howard also revealed that development started right after the release of Fallout 3, with the studio being fully dedicated to the tile during the last four years.

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