A set of mobile hangers, pre-cut wings and leaves, pre-cut felt flowers, yarn, ribbon, wooden beads, silk flowers, pipecleaner, silver string, glue, double-sided adhesive tapes and detailed instructions. You need to have a waterline coming from a well or a city water supply.Most mainlines will be made of 1-inch pipe, but some codes allow A? inch. The red (hot) or blue (cold) tubing usually runs side by side from the manifold to each fixture.
These fittings slide into the tubing and are crimped in place with crimp rings and a crimper.In my opinion, Pex is a good alternative to expensive copper or galvanized pipe. There is also another way to do this, which is becoming more and more popular among home improvement plumbing projects. From there a A? inch pipe goes to a branch where one line is feeding into the water heater, the other line will service all the cold lines in the house.There will be a line coming out of the water heater that will run along side of the cold line to all the fixtures.
About 20 years ago, plastic tubing called polybutelyne or PB tubing was being introduced into new residential construction. The idea was great, but the plastic wall in the tubing was too thin and there were several mishaps after a few years of use and PB went away.

Since then, a few new plastic products have been introduced, but there are a few states that still remember the PB incidents and wona€™t allow the use of poly tubing.The kind of tubing mostly used is Quest or also called Pex. It is a dream to work with because of the flexibility and ita€™s much cheaper than copper and galvanized pipe. It is basically a box with two sections, one section for cold water, and one for hot water. I dona€™t like it because I have had to replace it with Pex many times in campers and trailers that werena€™t properly winterized.
Plastic tubing is a much simpler approach to fresh water systems than copper or galvanized, but before you make any plans, you need to first find out if it is legal to use. There are a few areas where no form of plastic pipes is allowed, not even ABS for waste lines.
The water heater then has a line for hot water that runs back to the manifold and feeds the hot-water fixtures. Installing cast iron pipes is a whole lot of no fun and ita€™s spendy, but sometimes there arena€™t any other options.When you use plastic tubing for fresh water, each line is dedicated to its own fixture so you dona€™t need to put a tee in the line anywhere.

About the only place where a tee is acceptable is for a refrigerator waterline that runs the icemaker and water through the door.It isna€™t really even a tee though. Refrigerator lines are just a small flexible tube that attaches by means of a puncture seal that you twist until it forces a hole in the poly or copper waterline and makes a tight union.So basically, you attach one end of the Pex tubing onto the manifold using a female hose fitting, run the line to the fixture, and then attach it to the fixture using another female hose fitting.
You can secure the tubing to the floor joists and wall studs with plastic holders made exclusively for Pex or Poly. Dona€™t use metal fasteners that are normally used for copper or galvanized, because they could wear a hole in the tubing over time.
You will need to plan this part of your home-improvement-plumbing project with the help of the inspector.The cold waterline from the top of the manifold that goes to the water heater will probably be a A? inch Pex line as well as the hot waterline coming from the water heater back to the manifold.

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