USA TODAY is now using Facebook Comments on our stories and blog posts to provide an enhanced user experience. Whitney has been writing about pop culture for USA TODAY since 1999, when Pop Candy began as a weekly column. After his band's new video for Toothbrush took the internet by storm, Joe Jonas has opened up about what it was like to lock lips with stunning model Ashley Graham for the clip.The 26-year-old singer and the plus-size model get hot and heavy in the new DNCE video, where they play a couple in love. A In for the kill: In one scene, Joe and Ashley find themselves alone in a stairwell, where Joe lands a kiss on Ashley against a wallThe steamy scenes are interspersed with clips of the band playing on a roof with the sun setting behind them. I wanted to get back to creating Friday Fives again because there are so many quick blurbs I have for y’all. A conspiracy theory starting surfacing about Kylie’s Lip Kits being repackaged Coloupop productss. One of my coworkers asked if I could make a daily, weekly, and monthly planner for her to get printed and bound.
One of the most wonderful times of the year if you are a bargain shopper like me… the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! NASCAR PR rep with a love of horror films, smushed-faced dogs, graphic design, Garth Brooks, college football, and fashion. Thankfully I've outgrown my aversion to public displays of affection, and kissing my husband feels as natural as breathing, especially in front of our children. Defining "love" can result in an endless list of answers, many of which probably don't really accurately explain love. My parents have a strong marriage, but even the most devoted suffer through some fights and arguments.

Though our kiss at the altar was a bit lackluster, our vows clearly stated our resolve to remain committed to one another no matter what. Our outward affection points to an inward resolve to be devoted to one another as long as we live. And now Joe has revealed just what it was like to get intimate with the gorgeous Ashley.A While on the hot pink carpet for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, E News!
And it turns out, the owners of Coloupop make the Lip Kits AND their color, Clueless, is pretty much a dead ringer for Candy K but its only $6!
You have seen me wear this $27 Talbots bag and I just received this MISA Los Angeles tote below that I love. I was so conscious and nervous about all these people looking at us that I kept telling my fiance weeks before the big day to give me a quick kiss.
Though people have varying degrees of comfort with outward affection, I think it's healthy for children to see appropriate physical affection between Mom and Dad. I remember, as a young girl, the feelings of anxiety and insecurity whenever I would hear my parents fight. Fast forward 12 years -- when we kiss in front of our kids, we also want them to see those promises we made are being lived out before them.
But we want our children to understand even deeper than this, peeling the layers off so they can see this lifelong commitment between Mommy and Daddy is really held together by God.
Anyways loved this video definitely a change of always seeing skinny girls!'A Ashley has been taking 2016 by storm whether that be starring on the cover of Sports Illustrated or landing countless fashion campaigns. Then, I discovered their Lippie Stix (only $5) and basically went nuts on the site & bought eight shades.

After one too many peeps asked why I had grandparent furniture, I knew it was time for a change. Not that we would have a full-on make-out session, but I just didn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable when we locked lips. And before they get clouded with the confusion of what love is, we want to be their example of it.
And though our kids may have been witnesses to the mounting tension when my husband and I have had a disagreement, I hope that the physical affection we display provides them with an assurance that outweighs the worry that may have entered their minds.
When my husband and I got married, we held on to the verse, "We love because He first loved us." We only know how to love one another because we have received it from the very One who is called Love. I will do a full blog post on these soon, but wanted you to have the links now to download them.
I upgraded my headboard, dresser, nightstands, pillows, and decor and cannot wait to share the final product with you! I have a few more areas to work on and came up against a snag (hanging a vertical mirror horizontally), but it should be done soon! It looked like a wearable color, but dang I am just NOT fast enough to get my hands on one of those.

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