10 Best Places for In-Car Make-Out Sessions By Brenden Gallagher Brenden Gallagher is a freelance writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles. Making out in the car is as American an automotive pastime as buying one of those tree-shaped air fresheners or paying too much for gas. Virile Games (1988)The poor character in Virile Games eats trains, get his head smashed in, is cut up with scissors and grinded into spaghetti. Darkness Light Darkness (1989)A human body made of clay struggles to reconstruct itself in a cramped space. Flora (1989)Truly disturbing, Flora features an Archimboldo-esque figure tied to a bed, struggling, as it painfully decomposes. Conspirators of Pleasure (1997)A short excerpt taken from Svankmajer's bizarre film, Conspirators of Pleasure.
If you are no longer in high school, we strongly recommend you wait to try this spot until all after school activities have ceased for the day and the children have gone home.

There is nothing better for the couple that doesn't want to get too wild, but isn't quite ready for full-on public nookie.
The Czech artist and filmmaker is known for his metaphorical, captivatingly surreal stop-motion and claymation films, and is God to many (including talents such as Tim Burton, Terry Gilliam and the Brothers Quay).In the early onset of Svankmajer's career, his wildly bizarre and politically laden works were banned by the Czech communist government of the 70s, preventing his work from spreading to the West until the early 80s.
Perhaps one of Svankmajer's most celebrated pieces, Dimensions of Dialogue was selected by famed director Terry Gilliam as one of the ten best animated films of all time. Nothing ruins the fooling around of two consenting adults like being added to the sex offender registry.
In the car there are no roommates or parents to walk in on you, no neighbors lodging noise complaints, no younger siblings to scar for life. Today Svankmajer is acclaimed by both the filmmaking world and the art world, and at age 76, the icon is currently working on his last project, Surviving Life.Below, a selection of excerpts from Svankmajer's films.
The video below shows the second half of the film (click on the second video in the gallery to view the first half).

If you wait until after dark, this can be a wonderful moment for you and your guy or gal to have a nostalgic evening and get some closure after never getting laid when you were actually in high school. The only problem is that you have to find the perfect spot; the side of the highway isn't exactly the most romantic of locales. The beginning claymation portion is truly fantastic, but be sure to hang in there until it the 3:00 mark (it gets less steamy, and more slapstick). Lucky for you the Rides team does everything in our cars, and we mean everything (trust us, you don't want details).

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