Line spacing is important in PowerPoint because you want to make sure that your audience can easily read the copy on your slides.
You want to keep bullet points properly spaced out but also grouped together if they extend beyond just one line per bullet point. After an upgrade from Office 2003 to Office 2007, text formatting are whacked and the bullets on presentation slides are also lost.
I think Microsoft changed this because power users were clamoring for more control (1) over line spacing in particular and (2) more consistency across applications in general. New features and changes always come at a price, I agree, and there will be those (like me) whose fingers are far more accustomed to the old shortcuts and got by just fine. Unfortunately a lot of folks who really don’t know the answer claim that it cannot be done. Otherwise it’s like buying those $900 hi performance skis but never, ever going to a real mountain to ski. Hey, MS: you were counting on the problems of backward compatibility to push everyone to upgrade.
Finally – Someone actually explains that the line spacing can actually be shrunk and NOT just expanded. When you need to adjust the line spacing, click the icon and choose the last option – this will take you to a window where you can adjust the points before or after a line. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Enter your email below to get exclusive access to our best articles and tips before everybody else. In PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 there is a little feature called Presenter View that could help you get rid of your printed notes and track better your time when presenting. This little feature may come too handy if you use PowerPoint a lot, but also if you need to make a truly great presentation.
The go to your presentation on the Slide Show tab, select it to show on the Secondary Monitor and then check on Use Presenter View as shown below. You can now press F5 to start your Slide Show and your presentation will show in the projector while you will be able to see your notes, next slides, the time tracker and other handy tools in your computer. LibreOffice also has a presenter view built in, which was previously an extension for DID YOU KNOW?The Huns, a nomadic people that controlled Central Europe in the 3rd century, had no writing system; all accounts of them come from surrounding cultures and describe them as being terrifying in appearance and fierce in battle.

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To do text effects you highlight the word, right click and gointo “format text effects”.To add clip art go into insert And you will see clip art with thefour little pictures. To get a back ground you go in to designand pick a back ground ours is grey andblack with a bit of pink.
To make your slides fade or move in someway you go in to transitions and you canchoose a different one for each slide. In this article, I’ll show you how to achieve the same line spacing results in PowerPoint 2007 that you had in earlier versions of the presentation software. If your bullet points or other text are not adequately spaced out, they may be more difficult to read. The fact is that it can be done and if you want to learn this and LOTS of other ways to make your software more relevant and productive, as it should be, YOU SHOULD COME AND GET TRAINING !!!
That was a great feature in PowerPoint because the paragraph spacing between bulltes would adjust automaticlly to look good whether you used a small font or a large font. I used the 2003 line spacing option a lot – didn’t appreciate just how much, and how useful it was, until it was taken away !
Once the customization is set, this method is less cumbersome than the procedure listed above.
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When using Presenter View, you will have your presentation being displayed in the projector, but keep your notes displayed, a time tracked and other handy tools displayed in your computer. The only real complaint I have with this is that the animations don’t display in presenter view, only on the actual presentation.
I have a Gateway laptop and I don’t have the multiple display option on the control panel. Do you know if there is a way to play YouTube videos that are in the slide while in presenter mode? Click on it and type in what You want.To do word art you have to go to insert go to word art withthe bigYou will find size, bold, lean and underline in “Home”. Microsoft obviously wanted to create a unified approach to line spacing across its Microsoft Office suite.

There are two important considerations for line spacing: spacing within a paragraph or bullet point (each bullet point is treated as a separate paragraph in PowerPoint) and spacing between paragraphs or bullet points. Take a Ski Lesson, then come to New Horizons and get some serious training, The return on your time and $$ is huge !! If you would be willing to be trained, you could learn the ins and outs after which you’d be telling everyone that the Ribbon is a lot faster. Users should have to get training (a lot of it) just because they upgrade Office from 2003 to 2007????? Now I’ll have to tweak the Points Before Paragraph depending on the font size used for the text on each slide.
First, connect your computer to the projector and make sure you will extend the display to the projector.
This makes it pretty frustrating if you have a good amount of dynamic content in your presentation. The only real complaint I have with this is that the animations don’t display in presenter view, only on the actual presentation. However, the simple and straightforward approach in previous versions of PowerPoint is now a little more tricky. I could think of something derogatory but instead let me just say that we have Instructors and Users who are Microsoft CERTIFIED Master MOUS, MOS, and now MOUS is again the acronym.
We’re now into Office 2010 and the ribbon is a major leap forward in power and versitility. And the inability to see the spacing change as you click is just so clunky and bad and annoying! Once the more rigid automated spacing has been changed, you can then make modifications per slide and see them take effect immediately. There are very efficient ways to integrate the two apps in the Suite of tightly integrated productivity applications.

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