PowerPoint in Office 2010 and Office 2013 can be marked as final and let readers know the presentation is final and make it read-only by using the PowerPoint Info menu features. Listed below are the steps to mark a presentation as final in PowerPoint 2010 and PowerPoint 2013. A Software developer and blogger who is always looking to provide technical help to the wider community. Unfortunately, pps will not solve this problem, since any user can open Power point, then select Open file, and choose pps… it will open as simple ppt. Changing the properties to read-only will only prompt the viewer to save it to another file name if he intends to edit it. You can do one thing, try making a presentation which is trigger-free which loops continuously and save it as windows media video.
This option will convert your presentation into a video, but it will not be as good as ppsx. Get your free copies of the following tech guides by joining the Digital Answers mailing list. This means that you were dependent on an external program or service for sharing your PowerPoint presentations. This era is such that you frequently have to communicate with people staying in different countries due to which they cannot be present in one room for watching your presentation.
For all those who are joining you via phone or Web, PowerPoint 2010 has come up with the new way of sharing a presentation, which is known as Broadcast Slide Show.
Above all, the best part of this feature is that if you make any changes such as replacing text or image, they are automatically seen by the listeners instantly.
PowerPoint 2003 introduced a way of managing transparency effects so that text areas fit better with backgrounds than before.
Putting a colored background over the entire text area has always been an option… but it cuts into the image.
Starting with PowerPoint 2003, we could manage the transparency, and thus preserve a bit more of the image.

Overall, PowerPoint 2010 offers many graphic innovations that justify upgrading to this version. See this page in french: Comment faire ressortir les titres sous PowerPoint 2010 avec les degrades. How to keep the formatting when you inserted a slide in another PowerPoint sales presentation? Information is power, and within PowerPoint 2010 all the information that you need about your presentation is available in a single convenient location. Tip: When you click the File menu, you essentially summon PowerPoint 2010's Backstage View.
Note: If you have some media files (audio or video) contained within your presentation -- then you will see an additional option within the Info tab of Backstage view. Prepare for Sharing: If you are planning to share your presentation with others, you should consider doing a quality check such as, inspect your presentation for confidential information, validate its accessibility, and check for compatibility with previous versions. Versions: In this section you can recover your unsaved presentations (if you have closed your file without saving it, or if your computer or application crashed). This would provide users with warning message when editing and making changes to the PPT slides.
However, with the release of PowerPoint 2010, this dependency no longer exists because of its Broadcast Slide Show feature via which you can show your presentation over the web directly from PowerPoint 2010. When it comes to showing a presentation, it is obvious that you want everyone to watch your slide show simultaneously irrespective of whether they are in one room with you or joining you via the phone or Web from thousands of miles away. All you have to do is to open a presentation, click the broadcast option, and distribute the distinct public link that PowerPoint 2010 will offer. At the end, when you are done with the presentation, the viewers will get a black slide indicating that the broadcast is over. Now, with PowerPoint 2010, graphic features are even more refined, and gradient transparency can be managed to make titles pop out while preserving the integrity of the background image. Finally, the last point is positioned at 100%, with transparency at 100% to blend perfectly with the image.

Here, the edge of the background image was tinted with the color of the track to reduce noise (see the “Matching Font Color to a Picture” article to learn how to use a color from the image).The slide at the front was created by tightening the gradient points. This option, called Compress Media lets you optimize any media files so that they take less space -- more of this is explained in our Video Compression Options in PowerPoint 2010 tutorial. You can also do a spell check, and examine the presentation for hidden data and personal information stored in comments, notes, or document properties. Now users can run this file as PowerPoint presentation and will not be able to make any changes to it.
Prior to that, whenever you wanted to share your presentation with your colleagues sitting abroad or friends staying far away, you either chose to email it, upload it on YouTube, or share it via some other file transfer mode such as FTP. It works so fast that those listening to you on a conference call can see the presentation in just a few seconds by opening a link to your presentation. The Broadcast Slide Show dialog box is displayed, which informs you about the service and further says that you require a Windows Live ID for using it. The dialog box will upload the presentation, which can take some time depending on the size of your file. This will start the Broadcast view and will display a warning stating that you can’t make any changes in this mode.
This panel gives you information about permissions set for the active presentation, helps you prepare your content for sharing, and also lets you recover older versions of unsaved files. Color black, transparency 50%, one positioned at 30%, and the other at 50% of the text area. To access the Info panel, open the File menu, and choose the Info option, as shown in Figure 1.

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