I didn't enter the Wu-Tang in 1993 when this album was released, but I choose it anyway because it reminds me of being in design school.
The Sheek Louch line “What more can I say, we’re New York’s NWA” is the inspiration for showing LOX as an entrenched part of New York Hip Hop. I tend to gravitate towards the kind of old school hip hop that is mostly silly and comical, because why wouldn't you rhyme about random things and be goofy?
Throughout this song, Toronto is positioned as the moody, dark backdrop for Drake’s wandering and introspection. Driving around with the windows down on a hot summer day was always accompanied by De La Soul on my cassette stereo. The history of hip-hop is filled with tracks that contain samples and build on layers of musical history. Get free website hosting services, free website builder and cheap web hosting plan on our web server which offers the best web hosting services in Nigeria. Domain names are very important because it is the link your website visitors use in getting to your website.
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Learn how to make money online in Nigeria; making a website, creating website advertising and website ideas that make money fast. All proceeds from the sale of posters will go towards supporting the incredible work of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver. When I first heard Drake's song, where he lyrically slams Meek Mill for comments made against Drake, I was blown away.

Listening to hip-hop in the life drawing room with your cool older friends makes pulling endless all-nighters so much more bearable. At the forefront is Biggie Smalls (Christopher Wallace) broadcasting his prosperity with his iconic crown, the symbol of his success throughout his career.
They speak on the social issues that matter to them much in the way NWA shed light on LAPD brutality and corruption.
Knowing that the group A Tribe Called Quest had their beginnings from Queens, New York, I wanted to capture the raw energy of their hood by giving the viewers a lot of stuff to look at. This poster speaks to these melancholic feelings of nights spent roaming the city with your thoughts and uses both Toronto, “the 6”, and the OVO owl as frames for the action.
I was immediately drawn to the lyricism of Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po; their track Numbers intertwined numerical codes as references and metaphors which had not been done before on this scale.
This image is a visual representation of the song Eye Know; bright colours, wild energy and the carefree bliss of young love.
This record is among a few albums released in the 90's that really got me into Hip Hop.
This re-mixing and layering of audio is related to the visual layering and re-configuring process in graphic design. Octagon, a persona created by rapper Kool Keith, is an extraterrestrial time travelling doctor from Jupiter. The song did a lot of damage to the street cred of Meek Mill and maintained the status that Drake holds as one of Raps current best. 36 Chambers is arguably one of the best hip-hop albums ever made and it is as harsh as it is goofy. The overlay of the New York City map creates the body contours of the members and the illustration is reminiscent of map topography.

Within these shapes, hidden in dark windows and dark corners of the city, multiple Drakes live out vignette moments of the song.
The track that inspired this poster is Summertime – a collaboration between The Pharcyde and Sublime which relies heavily on samples from Ella Fitzgerald's Summertime. The song contains a lot of cyclical imagery and repetition (the references to the changing of the seasons for example). And since I’ll probably never know how to bring the ruckus, at least I can name nine guys who do. By pulling objects from the song, his life in poverty is represented on the left, while his life as a successful musician is represented on the right.
They are a part of the weaving, complex fabric of the city and represent the grime, optimism, drive, and perseverance of New York. The intention was to reference the Western roots of great story telling and poetry, as well as contemporary graffiti street culture as it was the medium of choice for Shepart Fairey and his successful “OBEY” campaign. The experimental nature of his songs influenced my poster in that I didn’t want to create an obvious interpretation of the song.
The colours are pulled from Juicy Fruit gum, which is also where the song got it's name.

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