The auto-generated photo websites are excellent ways to share your iPhone pictures with someone who doesn’t have iOS and Photo Stream support, since the photo website can get sent to any Windows PC, Mac, Android device, literally anything with a web browser will be able to view the result.
Alternatively, what if you setup a public website of a photo stream by accident, or what if you no longer want the website visible but you still want the photo stream to exist? Remember, disabling the Photo Stream website will not disable that photo stream itself, and it will not delete the pictures, it only removes the publicly accessible website. This method doesn’t work on an iPad as there is no list and therefore no blue arrow to tap on, for an existing photo stream. This is possible, your existing photostream album can be shared or can be made public website. Reference your instruction: Open “Photos” and tap the “Photo Stream” button at the bottom.
If you allow the photostream to be public, can the general public access the photos or only those you invite? I like the ability to create a public website for non-iCloud users to view my iPhoto photo streams. Now you can get the entire Dive Into iOS packages (beginner, intermediate and advanced courses) for just $47!
Today I just found a perfect way to download the latest version of iOS from Apple (iOS 7 beta). Below is the video found by our team where is perfectly explaned how to download iOS 7 beta. 2) You do not need an UDID registration to get IOS 7 beta on your iPhone 4 , 4s or 5, as of now.
5) The current version is buggy, and would restart few times in a day be prepared for that expect this to be corrected by beta 2 if Apple has noticed it. Opinion: Do services really have the kind of revenue potential Apple would like us to believe? I do, of course, have to begin by declaring a vested interest in this discussion: I write for a website that is – like the vast majority of editorial sites on the web – almost entirely funded by advertising.
And visits from people using iOS devices, unsurprisingly, make up a huge percentage of our web traffic.
So we’re not a disinterested observer in this – but then, if you want sites like ours to remain in existence, neither are you. Ads with distracting animations – banners that jiggle, or rapid animations that make it hard to concentrate on the content we’re trying to read. Ads that auto-play video, audio or both. Especially ads that wait a while and then start playing audio, as you then have to scroll back up to find it and shut the damned thing up. I could go on, but the bottom line is that advertisers need to stop thinking the goal is to grab our attention at all costs, and realise that making us hate them is not a sensible long-term marketing strategy. But even reputable ad networks too often turn a blind eye to ad formats they have to know are annoying.
Web publishers, too, need to look at what more they can do to reduce the impact of ads on the browsing experience.
Quality Apple sites like Daring Fireball have been running sponsorships for years and we think it is a great idea to be fair to everyone. And finally, readers can play their part too, using adblockers either sparingly – blocking only ad networks that specialise in deceptive ads, for example – or selectively. Because there are only two possible futures for an ad-funded site when a significant proportion of its readership uses adblockers: tucking away content behind a paywall and charging for access, or going bust.
Google is working on something like that which would allow you to pay a monthly fee and have AdSense ads removed across the web.
Thats interesting, but I think I would be much more inclined to personally contribute to sites that I want to support, and get an Ad-free experience in return, vs.
I for one would be willing to participate with my preferred sites if they in turn put some thought into how they use ads. Don’t forget there are malware domains specifically built to inject bad scripts via iframe on other sites and one of the best ways is to block them is to block third party domains by default. The sites were not annoying to browse through the late 2000s and everyone in my family wasn’t bothered by it.
Seth, I would like to join the conversation by giving my personal feedback about 9to5’s ads, being a reader for years and having noted some changes.
First, my reading habits have lead to my eyes to unconsciously skip ads, so I’m not the usual ad-annoyed reader, I just obviate them.
While I have suffered this on most of the sites I frequent, 9to5 is, due to its ad layout, the most perjured of all.

The number of web bugs and ad networks added onto web sites have gone completely out of control.
This is a simple count of how many distinct domain names saw requests when requesting ONE SINGLE PAGE. All these requests chew up data, slow performance, lower reliability, and increase risk of compromise.
So yes, web site owners are killing their own business, just like Alta Vista did in the late 1990’s. There are some exceptions – but the vast majority of popular sites are completely out of control. I think both the publisher and readers alike agree that most banner and Google AdSense ads are ugly and websites would look better without them. Like many readers, I’ve learned to ignore ads, either quickly scrolling past them or just becoming desensitized to ads in general. Furthermore, mobile ads can consume cellular data for those on the go, so readers may feel it is their right to prevent ad hungry website from eating their precious monthly data quota. Speaking only for myself, because I am sure many readers will hate my idea, I personally support the idea of 9to5mac limiting the number of free articles per month, which can be unlocked by monthly subscription OR watching sponsored video ads. I keep wanting to whitelist you but the in-line ads really make it unpleasant to read the articles.
I think the key to ad networks getting their act together is for them to fundamentally change their success metrics for ads.
If they truly want to mitigate the spread of ad blocking technologies, they should incorporate user experience into their success metrics, balancing ad conversion with user annoyance. Unfortunately advertisers paying for the space don’t necessarily care about how nice the ads look, only how many people click on them and buy something. The backend is well-thought out and intuitive, which makes styling easy. Additionally, drag and drop functionality speeds up creation time.
Now  you can get all the benefits of the Sticky Shoutcast & Icecast Radio Player for WordPress.
With a few clicks you can manage all your booking from the admin panel.Send SMS messages, create a calendar, take payments, create filters, allow user reviews and more.
WPBruiser is an innovative security plugin. One of the main benefits of this anti-spam plugin is that it provides a user-friendly experience. But you also turn any existing photo stream into a public website too, so if you missed out on creating one through the initial sharing setup there’s no need to create a new stream, just toggle a setting to instantly make a public website out of a photo stream.
You can toggle the website option off on a per-stream basis again, there’s no need to delete the entire photo stream.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! The photostream address you display is personalized, whereas I’m not given an option to have a customized address. However, does anybody know whether these public websites will turn up in Google searches somehow?
While some can be amusing, and others can be useful, drawing our attention to products or services we weren’t aware of, mostly we view them as things to tolerate at best – and to be profoundly irritated by at worst. Adblocking software has existed for desktop browsers for many years, but to date there haven’t been any effective blockers for iOS. Here’s a peek into our analytics over the past few weeks, showing that iOS devices are used by almost half our readers.
That’s why I think all four parties need to think carefully about how to respond should Apple allow adblockers. So long as the networks allow them to get away with it, advertisers focused only on short-term metrics will keep doing it.
I certainly would’t mind paying for all your informative articles, and having the pleasure of a clean view, unobstructed by ads. Seriously, I wrote a tutorial on how you can block stuff with absolutely no coding – it couldn’t get any easier.
Apple’s iOS might be the forcing function that drives changes that respect the visitor instead of carpet bombing them in hopes of making money on the statically few that take the bait. Tracking is also a major problem, I do not permit Google, Bing, Amazon, and other companies to collect information about what sites I go to and what I like or don’t like for the purpose of targeted ads and selling the information to other companies that can build up a complete profile on me. In the last several sites, more sites have been getting into the distracting ads that simply forced me to install a proxy server to block third party scripts by default to avoid getting complaints from my family. The flashing hostels are a google issue which we complain about if you send us specific examples.

That bias aside, they help pay the bill and I would hate to see my favorite websites to go out of business.
So long as an ad’s effectiveness is measured entirely by how many people see it or click on it, advertisers will continue to use the most invasive, intrusive, deceptive, and infuriating tactics. You can broadcast your social wall in style at a live event, create a display at your office, host Twitter parties and more. Create unlimited polls, build time based quizzes, generate user ranked lists, go viral and more.
This plugin has useful features to help you monetize your reviews with affiliate marketing buttons.
With WP Content Crawler you can get content from just about any website and post it to your blog.
The good thing about this plugin is that it’s small in scope, so you won’t have to deal with too many different options. This list has some plugins for fairly specific tasks to help streamline workflow and avoid confusion. This assumes you have a Photo Stream already active and created in the Shared images of iOS, if not you can create one quickly.
Ads that expand to cover the content we’re trying to read or – worse – the entire webpage. Instead of a bunch of Google ads surrounding our site, there’s a single piece of editorial which we craft.
Personally i also run sponsored posts once a week and the truth is that advertising per ads seems very unprofitable (unless your site has huge metrics).
Loved your post about high quality music when you mentioned your amicable divorce and the splitting of the cd collection lol. Now I am not talking about obnoxious YouTube-style autoplay video ads, but video ads that translate to perk… like in in-app purchase mobile games. Here on this site for example when on my iPhone makes it almost impossible not to hit the ads while scrolling because the ads reach all corners of the screen. This plugin is super easy to use and incredibly powerful. You get plenty of options for customization. Generate invoices, contracts, stats, transaction history, promotional offers, catalogs and many more. It has successfully been tested on 60 WordPress themes to date and is cross browser compatible. It also enhances search engine optimization by automatically linking highlighted phrases or item back to their definition page. Banner ads are removed for the day that the sponsored posts run which speeds up the site and brings more focus and goodwill to our sponsors. If you take ads out of the ecuation then no one, at least no one that doesn’t have huge chunks of capital to invest, would even get started building a site. In that case it is the publisher, 9to5 Mac who pushes people to seek ad blockers as a solution to badly thought out intrusive nuisance advertising. This fully responsive radio plugin gives you an easy way to stream audio to mobile devices and desktops. You can create unlimited categories, enable comments, display metadata, resize images, send email notifications and more.
The end user won’t know it’s there while it swats down brute force attacks and spam comments. There are four main modules included in this plugin you can use to build a glossary, create styles, enhance user experience and add links.
Let us know if there’s any cool plugins that came out this month that we missed in the comments section below. The sponsorship reaches all consumers of 9to5Mac across Facebook, Flipboard, Apple News*, Pulse, Pocket, adblockers, Instapaper and RSS. Also feel free to share any positive or negative experiences you have had with any of the plugins on this list. We can even use these to step up the quality of our ads from a reader’s perspective, like our recent campaign with Incase that saw 9to5 readers get exclusive access to a new collection of bags before anyone else.

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