Make sure that you use your designs produced in task b - slight alterations are acceptable. Dreamweaver continues to produce good clean XHTML code without a lot of extraneous tags and special codes. If you are an amateur Web designer who has never used Dreamweaver before, you might want to get another software package such as FrontPage or Namo Web Editor. Dreamweaver 8 offers support for modern browsers and standards and makes it easy for you to get your site up to speed with those technologies.

In code-view, Dreamweaver offers color-coding and code formatting similar to the Code Sweeper in Homesite. In fact, the biggest drawback to Dreamweaver 8 is that it is so complex that amateur Web designers will find it overwhelming. In design-view, Dreamweaver provides more visual cues for layout and design elements so that CSS is easier to review and update quickly. There is a lot to learn and use in Dreamweaver 8 and unless you're willing to take the time, it can be a steep learning curve.

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