KompoZer 0.8a3 has introduced a bug in the new site manager and two regressions in the CSS editor, this alpha4 is mainly a bugfix of the alpha3.
Many users didn’t find the source dock easily enough, I think these tabs should make it more obvious.
It only works with local files for the moment, I need to finish working on the FTP support to make it work properly on remote files. Localization teams are welcome to contact us, either on the l10n mailing list or on the #kompozer chan. The main benefit is that KompoZer is easier to build: the same source code should now build properly on all platforms without any patch. The RPM packages have been contributed by Ismael Olea and Jean-Lucien Baudoin respectively.
If you want to contribute to this project (patches, translation, builds, whatever), feel free to ping us on the #kompozer chan. Thanks a lot for your hard work, and for the great write up so that we can see what you have been up to. I hope people donate ,to inspire You to continue develop Kompozer ,as it still is a free app.
It would be nice if KompoZer would recognise when the file was changed on disk (similar to Kate and many other good editors).
BlueGriffon project is mantained by Daniel Glazman and I suppose is not simple to share work with him.
I don't have any problem with BlueGriffon's lead but I don't see the point of rewriting the whole app if we keep the same limitations (e.g.
The main problem is that some features like the PHP support still require to patch the Gecko core a bit.
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The downside is that it takes too much space on small screens, so I’ll probably implement my SmallTabs hack in the next release. Or sort of: since I don’t want to patch the core before being done with the site manager, there’s no pseudo syntax highlighting yet. I’ve also updated a little extension to let Tidy reformat the HTML source properly, I’ll tell you more about that soon. I hope this next version will bring a “remote” view in the site manager as well as a decent “Publish” feature. This means you don’t need to remove your current KompoZer 0.7 profile any more to test this alpha4. I'm still working on the FTP support, I can already upload files but I need to spend some time on this before I can release another alpha.
PHP support), so I prefer to ensure a long-term future to the current codebase by working with the SeaMonkey folks.
These packages should also work on Ubuntu if you don't forget to download the "kompozer-data" package. Since it's not easy to share some code between these two projects, I prefer to focus on the current development with the Composer codebase. That would be a good idea for somebody who wants to make a first KompoZer extension, though.

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