Your 401(k) is an important piece of your retirement savings but it was never intended to be your sole retirement solution.
A DIA is one example of the many options that are available when it comes to retirement strategies and that’s good news for any investor seeking retirement income.
New Music in the South West and the Royal West of England Academy present a concert exploring the relationship between music and art. Our team has all core competences necessary to accomplish this mission: Artists, art connoisseurs, IT specialists, editors and entrepreneurs. Instead, your 401(k) was meant to provide additional retirement savings that worked with your pension, savings and other income sources to paint a full retirement picture. That money will then be held by your financial institution for a defined period, according to the contract, where it will grow with interest.

With traditional pensions disappearing from the landscape, there are still plenty of options that let you design personal solutions for your own retirement. The setup page opens, and you can choose the domain name and the e-mail address, activate your personal website, choose the design template you like and define the starting page of your personal website. But now for many people the pensions are gone and while you have other savings avenues – what can you do to replace this lost retirement income? With a DIA it’s important to remember that the guaranteed income is based on the strength and claims paying ability of your financial institution so it’s important to choose the right partner. After a specified amount of time has passed, you can start receiving payments. This guaranteed stream of income can then be used to supplement additional retirement savings and help you fill a void in your retirement portfolio. The key is knowing your options and working with a financial professional who can help guide you toward a stable retirement, that way you’ll be ready for any changes that happen in your retirement planning until it’s finally time for you to enjoy the fruits of all that hard work and smart saving.

DIA’s are traditionally funded with a lump sum payment up front and the contract promises to pay you a lifetime income stream starting with a date of your choice.
Your pension and 401(k) were meant to work together but now pensions are disappearing and many people are left with just their 401(k) plan.

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