Using CT scans and radiocarbon dating, investigators hope to make sense of the bodies preserved in Europe's wetlands. Read author Karen Lange's description of peaceful bogs, mysterious items, and a frightening trip in the snow, which were all part of her assignment. Photographer Robert Clark describes the trickiest and most satisfying parts of his assignment. Tales from the BogHanged with a leather cord and cast into a Danish bog 2,300 years ago, Tollund Man was probably a sacrifice.

Like other bodies found preserved in Europe's peat bogs, he poses haunting questions.By Karen E. The back was cropped short; the top, eight inches long, rose in a pompadour, stiffened with pine resin.
And that was only the beginning of the mystery.Spotted in the industrial-size sieve of a peat processing plant, he was naked, his head wrenched sharply to the left, his legs and lower arms missing, ripped away by the machine that had dug him from a bog in the townland of Clonycavan. His head and trunk carried marks of deliberate violence, inflicted before he was cast into the mire: His nose had been broken, his skull shattered, his abdomen sliced open.

They reluctantly concluded that the late Alfred Dieck, a German archaeologist who made cataloging bog bodies his life’s work, fabricated many of the more than 1,800 cases he recorded.

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