Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, feedback, suggestions, hate mail, death threats or otherwise. I have been involved in the fashion industry for over two decades: as a model, scout, photographer, mentor and now on a mission to help men dress and look their best.
Under Michael’s wing I took a chance – left school, moved to Milan, and signed with the top modeling agency there. Catalog shoots, commercials, runways shows, ad campaigns, romance novel covers, and tons of other fun and a way-more-interesting-than-working-in-a-cubicle type of life. When my girls were born some years later, the non-stop travel inherent in full-time modeling was no longer an option, so I traded flying into Monte Carlo for staying put in Baltimore, and finally had to face the reality of those two evil, dirty words no model wants to hear – real job. I’ve been a personal trainer, teacher, police officer and detective, worked in public affairs, worked in forensics as a manager, was a bodyguard and became a photographer in the years since. Due to my friendships with some of the world’s top photographers, I got into photography and retouching and within a year became the official headshot photographer for several Miss USA state titleholders before becoming a judges' chairman.
For five years I was the primary male fit model for a billion-dollar fitness apparel company – meaning that every time you see some dude wearing Under Armour, it was most likely built around my body – now how cool is that!
At first the purpose of this blog was to record some great memories before they were forgetten, but now in 2014 it has shifted to helping men understand and develop their own personal style.
Of all the bookings I’ve done though the years, the one that sparks the most interest and questions by far was my appearance in the Shania Twain music video, “Man! My participation was contingent first upon a costume fitting, so several days before the video was to shoot, I took the train up to New York and rushed to the fitting. A:  When I arrived on set I was met by my fellow models, a dance choreographer, and quite a few others. Regarding her appearance, Shania was obviously a very beautiful woman but the thing many may not realize is just how petite she is. It’s funny how the song played its course in my mind since I had to listen to it forty straight times.

Now because Shania was so petite, I noticed a little camera trickery going on during many of the takes to make her appear taller relative to us guys. Q:  Besides being a left-handed, non-guitar playing, awful dancer – were there any other challenges you encountered during the job?
A:  The most difficult aspect of making the video was actually physical – to my eyes and my right thumb.
I Feel Like a Woman!” So, to mark the 14th anniversary today of the making of that video (was it really that long ago?), I decided to answer the questions I’m most commonly asked here.
The only song of hers that I’d heard at the time was “Still the One,” which had been getting a lot of play on the radio. Once there, I tried on an extremely tight pair of black leather pants and a skin-tight red shirt.
Shania wanted to see one of us in full costume and makeup – this would be a couple hours before the rest of the guys were dressed. We were told by her assistants and publicists that we were not permitted to speak to Shania unless she spoke to us. Though I do recall one instance when she was slightly irritated that her diet ice tea was not available on demand. I Feel Like a Woman!” was filmed on January 11, 1999 at Pier 59 Studios at Chelsea Piers in New York City. While there had been a casting in New York City for models to appear in the video, I never went and was actually chosen solely from my composite card (a model’s business card that shows a head shot and several pictures of the model). The powers that be seemed pleased and so after the 15-minute fitting I jumped back on the train and was headed back home. On the full-length shots, they would move her forward a bit and lower the camera height to have the same effect. Before leaving, they told me the concept of the video and gave me a packet with contact information and lyrics and a copy of Robert Palmer’s original video.

I got on my leather pants and red shirt, got all my makeup put on, but being made up first and early meant the makeup artists had plenty of time to overdo it – it was far heavier than the other guys’.
The next ten takes you are in cruise control and find yourself daydreaming about other things while you are performing. Not a problem except I am possibly the world’s worst dancer – a bona-fide disaster on the dance floor. Between each take I would virtually pour Visine into my eyes, which were red and fried after each take. Finally, they directed me to Shania’s dressing area, but after standing out front for about 15 minutes, I was told Shania didn’t want to see anyone right then. Also, after the first several takes, my right thumb was starting to develop a pretty bad blister from all the guitar strumming. So I went back to work on my dance steps, much to the amusement of the other guys upon seeing me in my full attire.
I don’t think I had ever picked up a guitar before that job much less played one, and I am left handed as well so it felt even more awkward for me to pretend to play one. About halfway through the shoot I couldn’t use it anymore and just started tapping the strings.
Still, I had bought a CD of her album hoping she would autograph it for my daughter by the end of the shoot, but never felt comfortable enough to ask anyone to try to get her to sign it. Also, they didn’t seem to care that I had zero clue how to strum a bass guitar correctly as was readily apparent by anyone who has seen the video.

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