We've already heard from tall women and skinny women about the comments directed at their physical appearances that seriously get under their skin.
Short men unquestionably face greater social challenges than short women do, but being small in stature can mean years of frustrating, often patronizing, comments. What shorter-than-average woman out there hasn't elicited looks of intense suspicion from a bouncer examining your decidedly over 21 ID? So, friends of short ladies everywhere, please avoid making an issue out of your smaller companions' height. A bizarre photo of a woman walking a man like a dog through Central London popped up on Twitter this morning, leaving everyone perplexed as to why.
The scene was witnessed by morning commuters during rush hour, in Farringdon, a historic area of the City of London.

So far, nobody seems to know why this weird happening occurred today, and what the purpose of the unusual stroll actually was.
Ian Jeffery, the Twitter user who spotted the uncanny incident and posted a photo of the pair on the social site, said, “Did we really just see this outside work? Other Twitter users commented on the post, expressing their confusion regarding the scene and making assumptions as to what was actually happening. Personally, I think it could be some kind of modern performance art, or maybe the poor man has just lost a bet and this is his punishment. If you happen to know something more on this unusual incident, feel free to leave a comment below.
Short women are deemed "cute," patted on the head even after we have far outgrown the kid label, and often (unintentionally) infantilized by our co-workers, love interests and even random strangers.

Naipaul started the year out strong by claiming that "women writers are different, they are quite different.
The man, dressed in suit pants and a white shirt, was seen being pulled around on a pink leash like a dog by a smartly dressed woman holding a coffee in her hand.
I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not.

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