Josh’s would-be guru in all things single male is Mike (Eric Andre), a staunch opponent of commitment and avid proponent of dick pics.
Based on Rich’s short story collection The Last Girlfriend on Earth, Man Seeking Woman borrows heavily from established cable comedies. Because of all these close cousins, no one’s going to accuse Man Seeking Woman of reinventing the wheel. That’s the first of several surreal flourishes in the episode, and it works as well as the rest.
Things get weirder from here, yet remain fully in the realm of possibilities for the newly brokenhearted.
As Josh struts home in the early morning, he gets calls from the MacArthur Foundation (the way he obtained the phone number was “genius,” it seems) and even President Obama, who declares Josh a hero. I was lucky enough to get screeners for the first three episodes, and I can tell you that the laughs in the premiere aren’t a fluke.
I would also like to give the writers props for acknowledging that as a temp, Josh could not afford to live alone in Logan Square, Chicago’s hipster neighborhood du jour.
How did you like the premiere of “Man Seeking Woman”? Do the fantasy sequences work well, or do they feel misplaced?
At the opposite extreme is Liz (Britt Lower), Josh’s higher-achieving older sister and the Type-A angel on his shoulder.
Like Girls, it’s a comedy centered on a haphazard 20-something that traffics more in cringes than laughs.

Occasionally, however, Rich doesn’t need to break from reality to hit the upper-middle-class millennial nail on the head.
Throw in the Chicago setting (though it’s filmed in Toronto), and I was guaranteed to set my DVR to at least record the premiere. Josh goes on a blind date with Gorbachaka, an actual troll who lives under the Wabash bridge.
He tells Maggie he’s still in love with her, then insults Hitler by, well, pointing out that he’s Hitler. Because how great does it feel when you successfully connect with another person, however briefly, right?
The action gets more fantastical, but Josh’s feelings and intentions remain grounded in reality. Josh is upset, which means he could eventually get angry, but the writers avoided any trite, misogynistic “screw that b*tch” scenes. But I bristled at Mike’s complaining about Pilsen being Siberia or outer Mongolia or something.
But she also classes things up as a culture writer and reviewer for various outlets, including Remezcla and the Chicago Reader. The series premiere, “Lizard,” opens with Josh leaving the apartment he shared with Maggie (Maya Erskine), who’s now his ex-girlfriend. Getting dumped sucks, moving out of an apartment sucks, suddenly finding yourself alone sucks.

He does so after his sister Liz (Britt Lower) points out that he’s not much of a catch himself (he’s—ooof—a temp who doesn’t hit the gym). His apology falls on deaf ears (Hitler’s 125 by this point), so he heads to the Red Line (yea, CTA!). And like Louie, it’s a show about a single, straight, white dude inflected with the melancholy that comes with the burden of modern masculinity. It’s an especially pathetic departure for Josh—he’s had to pack his things in plastic grocery bags. So Josh gets dressed a third time and heads to Maggie’s with a bottle of prosecco that he can’t really afford.
Maggie’s dating “Dolfie” aka Adolf aka Adolf Hitler (played by Bill Hader under lots of face prosthetics and a blanket). And just as it seems all is lost, he hits it off with a young woman (Vanessa Bayer) who gives him her business card, complete with phone number.
As he walks away with full custody of their lizard, Isaac Newton, a storm cloud gathers over his head, figuratively and literally. Josh can’t believe it, even when Mike tells him Adolf’s “pretty cool.” “He murdered millions of people,” Josh protests.

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